Tuesday, 23 September 2008

The. Best. Day. Ever.

I'm continuing with the pattern of everything going wrong today because it has just been another one of those days.

From when I walked in and for the following 2 hours I just kept sorting out other peoples problems which had become my own. It really frustrates me because other peoples incompetence makes me look as if I am not doing my job and there is nothing I dislike more than someone thinking I am bad at my job.

The glory of my day

1) Directors have not been telling me that they need rushes digitised in (for "none TV people" this is getting the footage put into the editing programme so they can play with it) and therefore I haven't been doing it.

It doesn't matter that they didn't tell me, apparently I should have mind reading abilities

2) The Machine room did not digitise in some rushes over the weekend and stalled an edit that was starting today. They claim to have received a bogus phone call over the weekend saying not to digitise in.

What moron would play a trick like that? They're just trying to cover their backs re their mistake so I end up taking the flack.

I wish people would admit their mistakes.

3) The Series Producer did not inform me that he needed a TV and DVD player in his meeting with a very famous British TV presenter. So there wasn't one.

Apparently that was my fault too.

I really should practice these mind reading abilities.

4) I got a right bollocking from a Producer on GMTV (morning programme here in England) as apparently I was rude to him over the phone.

Well I'm sorry - they have been playing silly buggers since last week with the rushes and I REALLY needed them today so I let him know.

Not my fault if he is really delicate.

Deal with it.

5) I thought that the lid was on my water bottle and gesticulated wildly with it.

The contents ended up over me.

It was icy cold.

On the plus side I rode the lift with the British band The Kooks. That is pretty cool right?

Thankfully this was prior to the water bottle incident so I was not sopping wet.


When is Tuesday going to end?


The Blonde Blogshell said...

Hun, here's a HUG! YOU NEED ONE!!

Mind reading abilities huh? Now that would come in handy!! ;-)

A good glass of wine is necessary!!

The Divine Miss M said...

Thanks for the hug babe! Definitely needed!

I wish I could read minds ... would make life so much nicer ... and dating easier ... oh man! Classic!

po said...

Sounds like a rough day. People giving you grief!

I had a similar experience to your water one once, I worked in a laboratory and was weighing out salt. I needed to shake the container but forgot the lid was off... 5 kgs of salt on me!

The Divine Miss M said...

Oh po! That would NOT be pleasant!

Least mine was just water.

But icy fucking cold water!

Mike said...

Hey, icy cold water on your chest means nipple poppin fun.

You don't happen to have a picture do you?

Man, last time I made a comment like that I had to dedicate an entire post to it :P

Sunny said...

The part about mindreading is very accute. Bosses sincerely believe that we can read between the lines... How wrong they are! I've been dealing with my boss' thoughts for three months already. So now I can do at least two thing a day that he doesn't say about, but means them :))

So, good luck here and keep practising!

Lopz said...

For you, in exactly 7 hours I think! This sounds like a Diem Horriblis. Am sending you a virtual strawberry cloud. xxx

The Divine Miss M said...

@mike - Not. Going. To. Happen.

@sunny - Here's the mindreading :)

@lopz - Ta doll, taste niiiiiiiiiice

Miss T said...

*Hug* Ok now remember..."i love my job, i love my job, i love my job..." :)

The Divine Miss M said...

thanks Miss T!