Monday, 18 August 2008

You Have Mail

I have an aversion to emails.

It isn't like I don't appreciate the wonders of modern technology, the speed by which it can reach people across the world and how it allows me to keep in contact with my mother without actually having to phone her everyday as that could get expensive!

But I detest the ability it gives people to constantly email me things without talking to me.

I am working with a girl who sits directly behind me, I can hear everything she does and can listen to her personal phone calls. (They are ever so interesting) Yet she insists on emailing me instead of talking to me.

It annoys me.

Every 10 minutes or so this email pops into my inbox requesting me to do something. In fact one even came in as I'm typing right now. She says it is so she has a record of everything but it is so annoying to me.

Email is removing the need for us to actually have face to face conversations.

It's weird.

Granted I do love email when I can ping messages across the room to my colleagues gossiping about the person sitting beside us. And I love emails for when we put 10 of us in an email trying to figure out where we are going to for lunch. But I hate emails for when I get into the office and there are 40 sitting in my inbox that I have to sift through.

Even more I hate people who CC me in on emails that I don't need to be in on! I feel as if I actually have to read the entire thing. It is such a waste of my day.

I could be blogging instead.

Ps - It didn't go too badly with The German but I am definitely glad that he is gone. He ended up sitting next to me at Sunday lunch yesterday and made references to our shared history in private to me which made me feel rather uncomfortable. Brings emotions back that I don't need or want.

I'm so glad it is over.


Shivz said...

A-you should then email everything you do that is vaguely important to her to her... to keep her updates... but make sure it's a new email for each task, even if you send them one after the other!!!

B-blog about some of her interesting conversations... I'm very curious now!!!! Make up the replies if you have to... or let us do that too... could be VERY amusing!!!! ;P

kyknoord said...

I also had an uncomfortable Sunday lunch. Then I discovered that my chair was broken.

leez said...

once again you've hit on one of my pet hates but I've also become guilty of sending emails to the three people that share the same space as me.

I agree with shivz. Email her regarding everything. Even if its to tell her you're going on lunch. Or that you're feeling like a chicken sandwich for lunch...

What I don't like is the CC thing. Why CC me for every little fucking appointment. I have much better things to do. Seriously.

Miss P said...

I have a slightly different complaint. As I am only a contractor people never CC me in on anything!

Bah, useful as emails are, I like phone calls, and face to face better.

I too am glad the german has gone. Whenever he is in town I get nervous. Twat. ;)

Miss Tig said...

Do you ever notice that the 1 !!!!! mail you actually need is the last one you open..or that you ARE NOT CC'Ed when desperately important..

The Divine Miss M said...

@shivs - That is a great plan! I have already put it into action and replied to two of her emails, 11 minutes since I got to my desk :P

@kyknoord - Shame man. Better luck next time.

@leez - Ah but when they are joke personal emails there is NOTHING wrong with that ;)

@miss p - YOU get nervous?! Why? :P

@miss tig - Yes, I have experienced that. Rather stressful when it happens, especially when the bastards swear that they did CC you in and that you've just deleted the email and convientantly they have deleted their sent items.


Tay said...

I have a colleague who sits 5 metres away and insists on phoning when she wants to ask me something. It drives me insane. Get up and walk for goodness sake.

At least Sunday is over Miss M! YAY!!

Miss T said...

Hey you did it..its all over with! You made it through the weekend with German-Well Done lassie

sweets said...

you should have stabbed the german with your fork :)

The Divine Miss M said...

@tay - Lazy bastards. Yes thank god it is over!

@miss t - Thanks hon :)

@sweets - Except his two best mates but have throttled me :(

boldly benny said...

SNAP, e-mailed commands drive me batty!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

CC: Complete Crap

I feel your pain...bloody annoying, but great for emailed jokes and funny video clips!!

Miss Caught Up said...

I can completely relate. No one likes to be personal anymore. It's always about emails! emails! emails!

Tazeen said...

I hear ya my friend.

The Divine Miss M said...

@boldy benny - want to mail me about that? :P

@blondie - ah but personal emails are different ;)

@miss caught up - Hi there, thanks for visiting! Yup, I'm missing actually TALKING to people!

@tazeen - Hello to you too :)