Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Suicide Workers

Phone conversation

Colleague: I'm looking for a grenade.

Colleague: Yes, the type that would be used over in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Colleague: Great. Would it be possible for me to buy one?

Well I'm worried.

Who else thinks that she might be attempting to blow up the office due to the high stress environment that we work in?

I might sometimes hate my job - but not THAT much!

I am though sorry to disappoint but she is in fact sourcing props for reconstruction shoot we are doing next week - but I did find it a classic conversation to eavesdrop on!

Update on the email mad colleague:

We have spoken very little vocally today and I unfortunately have now gotten into this whole emailing thing.

Yes people over 2 days I have gotten into the swing of it and am now emailing EVERYONE about EVERYTHING. Colleague and I are even sharing personal giggles over email instead of turning around and talking too each other.

Granted the one time we did actually talk to each other today about something - in whispered tones - the Series Producer came over to find out what was wrong.

So maybe email is the way to go?

Emailed received a minute ago

It’s nuts – I literally haven’t stopped typing all day! Like a reconstruction call centre ha ha! x

At least she knows her downfalls?


Miss Caught Up said...

Emails can be so addictive! On the pro side it's a discreet way to gossip.

The Divine Miss M said...

That it is! :)

La Pixie said...

it is discreet, but make sure IT doesnt catch you!

kyknoord said...

Could I borrow the grenade when your colleage is done with it?

Shivz said...

I created a monster... no more suggestions from me! ;P

Miss P said...

I think I might have a couple lying around? Want me to send you some? :P

leez said...

Its bloody addictive. But we in the office know when there is gossip coz all of a sudden people start typing really fast. Or groups of people suddenly burst out laughing breaking the silence.

Miss T said...

Try Skype. My collegue and I spend loads of time gossiping on we have the settings so it so it doesn't keep any chat history. No one can "accidently" reading your emails. You can even challenge each other to games like Chinese Checkers!

Tazeen said...

can i have the address of the place that sells fake grenades?

I need to con my insurance company and the only idea i have had involves a grenade :)

zuzula said...

MSN is the way forward in our office - my colleague and I sit next to each other but we hardly ever actually speak! I've just had to set my status to 'busy' because I have 4 conversations on the go and I actually have some work to do (boo hiss)

The Divine Miss M said...

@la pixie - IT won't care here, we're a MASSIVE company

@kyk - Sure, I'll post it over. Let's hope the postal service don't drop it

@shivs - IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!!

@miss p - sweet bru, though yours might be live!

@leez - thankfully my office is really loud so that doesn't happen!

@miss t - thanks dude but I have enough distractions with all the bloggers as it is!

@tazeen - try props houses, they have everything these days


The Blonde Blogshell said...

Awww... I got all excited (yes, in a sick, twisted way) about the grenade.

Do you think typing counts as an Olypmic sport?

Mike said...

When Miss P sends you grenades, make sure you glue nails or other pieces of metal to the outside of it.

Makes it even MORE effective.

The Divine Miss M said...

@blondie - if it does I am definitely winning a gold!

@mike - good idea batman!

zuzula said...

I know, it's outrageous. I am speaking to the NUJ about it ;)

The Divine Miss M said...

Good. Can't have them thinking that we actually do work!