Monday, 11 August 2008

Are you sick? Fantastic!


I really seem to be suffering from a lack of inspiration and real writers block. I keep starting an entry and then deleting it because I think it is utter crap.

Work is not inspiring. I started on our new show but there is very little to do. In fact if this keeps on I might have to start thinking about a different career path.

Though Jailbait keeps pointing out how I should be thinking that work is only a means to get money to go on climbing trips - so having a quiet job, leaving on time and not working weekends is actually a great boon.

One amusing factor about this new show is the type of conversations I keep hearing from the Editorial team's side of the office.

Once again I point out that these are only things you would probably hear in a TV office, or a gathering for some severely sick and twisted individuals (slightly paraphrased however the gist is still the same).

Disclaimer: TV people are not twisted - we just think differently to your average person.

Colleague 1: So I found this girl, she is 6 and has leukemia

Colleague 2: Is it advanced?

Colleague 1: I'm not sure

Colleague 2: We only want really sick children, the sicker the better.

Colleague 1: Ok, I'll find out and if not keep looking.

I promise it isn't as bad as it sounds - I'll explain in a couple of months.

In any other environment I'd be losing my faith in humanity. But this is just TV.


The Blonde Blogshell said...

I completely understand!! It sounds drastic and dreadful but you're right! It's the industry!
Sick bastards!! Hahahaha
Can't wait to hear more :-)

kyknoord said...

Jailbait is quite the practical philosopher, isn't he?

The Divine Miss M said...

@blondie - Yes, this industry is weird.

@kyknoord - You don't know the half of it. If I get one more lecture about determinism and the like I think I will spontaneously combust. (And yes that will happen from my experiences with past events) (I suppose that only really makes sense if you know what determinism is ...)

zuzula said...

oh god, that sounds painfully familliar...

KaB said...

Eish...don't worry sissie...I'm having moral dilemmas working on a project for the isn't fun working for a government that embezzles dosh, steals taxpayers money, has dodgy ties with Mugabe & wants to do away with the only practical organisation that makes sense in a long time, the Scorpions!

Something along the lines of 'Don't bite the hands that feeds you' rings true to this! Grin & bare it sweet cheeks!

Poor kids though :(

The Divine Miss M said...

@zuzula - Get used to the weirdness ;)

@kab - There is a good reason for what they want and it is a good thing! Just that the conversations sound so damn funny

zuzula said...

We have morbidly entertaining conversations about obits in my office. 'Boring deaths' don't get much of a look in if space is tight...

Elise said...

wow... what Okay that was Sick! But I guess showbiz is showbiz right xx

Being Brazen said...

I know what you mean about uninspired. I am feeling very similar...hope you start feeling better :)

I can only imagine how twisted the TV industry can be.

The Chronicles of a Fashionista in PDX said...

I am completely with you. Not the sick children thing, but I'm so uninspired to write anything. I started writing a blog today and deleted it as well.


more freedom for climbing is always a good thing! :)

sweets said...

i agree with jailbait :)

The Divine Miss M said...

@zuzula - yup, got to have eye catching headlines and stories! That sells. Mrs X buying her groceries does not.

@elise - Yup ;)

@being brazen - me too, it's annoying me actually cause I love to write :(

@pdx - perhaps it's something in the water?

@sweets - I also do, but I crave some excitement in my life

Anonymous said...

Work is a means to have a really kick ass holiday whenever you want it..oh and a means to buy boots..and shoes..and more boots...

The Divine Miss M said...

Ah yes, the shoe fund. One can not use that.

Lopz was informing me last night how she doesn't want children cause she'd be fat and would have to spend her shoe fund on the child.