Friday, 1 August 2008


I have a dilemma.

Clearing out the area around my desk today before moving on I have stumbled across a file. This file holds all of the location and contributor release forms from the very first show I worked on here. I don't remember having it, and sure as donkeys don't remember bringing it with me through the 5 other desks that I have sat it in the past year and a half!

It is clearly mine though.

The handwriting is mine and I definitely took care of all of this on the show.

It's all very confusing.

Reason being these little pieces of paper are very important. They stop people from being able to sue the company for not having permission to film them or use the footage. We have to hand in all of these to the Channel when the show is Delivered and they go through all the paperwork.

Now the show was on last year September and has been replayed quite a bit. Now I seem to have the paperwork. How on earth is that?

Why have they suddenly sprung up again and should I hand them in?

I mean what are the chances that someone else sat at this exact desk and did the Post Production Paperwork and left it here? If I hand it in they are going to think I wasn't very good. But I honestly haven't been dragging this file with me everywhere and haven't seen it since August last year when I left the show!

This is so confusing.

Perhaps I'll throw it away.


kyknoord said...

Awwww cute, it followed you. That means you get to keep it.

The Divine Miss M said...


It really frikken did though kyk, I swear I didn't bring it!

Moe Wanchuk said...

We have a rule here....If you haven't needed or used it in 6 months....BURN IT!

Jacqueline said...

Nice blog, great to hear an inside view on breaking into television production. Best of luck!

Miss P said...

Hand it in. I have had sleepless nights about documents I have 'lost' when the shit hits the fan.

On the other hand, maybe someone else found it, didnt want to be responsible, and hid it on your desk so they wouldnt have to deal with it. Hunt that person down, and hide it in THEIR desk. *sniggers* can you imagine their face? ;)

Miss Tig said...

Leave it in the desk-or better yet-leave it in a random persons desk..but dont BURN it...just pass it you never found it..:-)

sweets said...

give it to whoever should have it now, don't burn it or dump it, that would be silly! maybe just dump it on the now responsible person's desk and run like hell?


The Divine Miss M said...

@moe - Does that count for everything? What about friends? Or clothing? Definitely for food ...

@jacqueline - Thanks hon, welcome :)

@miss p - we could play pass the file for months!!!

@miss tig - I've taken it with me to my new desk

@sweets - I'm keeping mum till someone asks

Lopz said...

Better idea: just keep it with you for now, and wait til someone starts to panic in a few months' time when they can't find the releases. Join in the file-hunt, and be the hero who saves the day when you "accidentally" uncover it.

The Divine Miss M said...

@lopz - Yup, I thought that was the best plan :)

Dude my hair was loved on Saturday ;)

The Blonde Blogshell said...

I totally agree with Lopz...not only do you get to save the day but you'll be known as a reliable life saver!

happy snapper said...

Yeah, I think Lopz had a great idea! :)
You can be the hero-file-finder.

I need to go catch up on posts Ive missed sucks being awol.

Dark Angel said...

An idea - Keep it, secretly put in under the files of an some person who was an intern...evil but do these interns ever learn??