Friday, 15 August 2008

Frustration at the Highest Level

I have a place reserved in my heart for people who are Jobsworth.

Those special people who only do what is required for them to say that they have done the job. They do you no favours and end up quoting all the "rules and regulations" to you.

I'm talking about people like Traffic Wardens who stand by your car waiting for the metre to expire and fine you immediately.

Or the wonderful Archive Tape Library who do *just* what you ask and nothing more.

A couple of days ago I emailed them with numerous Production Numbers and asked for the SAFETY (the copy of the Master show which can be released to us Plebs if needs be for anything) copies of those shows to be pulled out of archive for me use.

They mailed me back and gave me the details for all the shows and each of the 4 parts. I didn't question this as from previous shows there have been 4 parts.

This morning the Edit Producer gets back to us because he is missing a segment on the show as it isn't on the footage we had digitised in. My colleague and I stared at each other and thought

There couldn't possibly be any more to it could there?

So we emailed the Tape Library and they promptly got back to us saying

Yes there is another tape which is part 5 and 6.


Why didn't we get this in the first place?

Apparently I only requested the Safety's and this tape is a Master as there are no Safety copies so they didn't think it was important to inform me since I ONLY asked for the Safeties.

Never mind that I asked for the whole programme.

Stupid bastards can cover their backs that way.

Miss M is NOT impressed.


kyknoord said...

In many organisations, initiative is often rewarded with more work, not more responsibility or more pay.

Miss T said...

And I thought it was only a South African thing

The Divine Miss M said...

@kyknoord - Damn you and your voice of reason.

@miss t - No it isn't! The English can be lazy too :P

Mike said...

People suck.

And not usually in the good way.

End of story.

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Dude, not cool!
Lazy bastards!

It's like that typical:
"Sorry, do you have the time?"
"Um...can you tell me what it is?"

love Miss Moral-less ;-)

The Divine Miss M said...

@mike - Amen to that!

@Blondie - That you are ma dear, that you are!