Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Mirror, Mirror on the wall ...

Living in London can be hard. I really only remember just how hard when I've spent some time away.

This past weekend I went to Northumberland with Jailbait to do some climbing and to visit my Uncle and cousins.

It was amazing.

The open space, the clean air, the villages and just the general peacefulness and isolation. I did not want to return last night.

Living in London you are just another nameless face on a crowded street. People push right passed you and don't even notice you or care about your story.

Out there people were greeting me in the street, waving at us as we drove passed and just made me feel more at home than an entire 3 and a half years of living in London has done.

Don't get me wrong, I love living in London but I can not see myself settling here for all of eternity. At the moment the work is good, the travel prospects are amazing and the opportunities that London hands to me are unmissable.

Living back in Cape Town there is no way I'd be working on an award winning television show, no way I'd be able to book a trip to Belgium last minute or a climbing holiday to Sardinia and no way I'd learn so much more about different cultures.

But London is not a home.

It is a means to an end.

Though one does have to start asking - How long am I going to continue this means? What is the maximum time that I can see myself living in this city before I start to lose my soul?

I sometimes dream about moving out to the countryside. I can see myself living in a stone farmhouse, couple of children, baking, pottering outside in my wellies and waving hello to the neighbours as they wander into the village.

I wake up and I can't decide if it is a nightmare or a fantasy.

One thing is for sure though - I am going to have to start considering seriously what my time frame for London living is.

Perhaps I could move out to Canada for a bit, experience life there. Or I could pack up and go live in the French countryside for a year, brush up on my French and experience life in that degree.

Or I could become some high powered Television Executive for a major Network and spend my life in the office and then traveling home via a chauffeured car to my Holland Park townhouse where my child will have been put to bed by the nanny not even realising that their Mother was not home to read them a bedtime story.

I wonder what version I'll become.


Shivz said...

Firstly, I think it is a means to an end, not an end to a means...

Secondly... you forgot the other option... leave, come SA... and play with us again :) If you move back to ct (did I say if!?)-you can go wine tasting at the drop of a hat... and if you wanna climb... the mountain is right there... no extra expenditure needed. :p

kyknoord said...

Well come on, hurry up and decide! The suspense is killing me.

The Divine Miss M said...

@shivz - shush, I was rather tired last night! *goes to change it* Ah yes, come back to CT, I forgot about that option. I don't really know if it is an option yet ... few more years perhaps! Though Mrs you're in bloody PTA so I can't come play with you!

@kyk - The peanut gallery comments are not appreciated :P

Shivz said...

we can play more often... I got a job and everything... so can try afford things like plane tickets or petrol...!!! ;p

The Divine Miss M said...

Wow you must have a good job if you can afford petrol in SA :P

Being Brazen said...

That is one cool thing about living in London - all the great opputunities to travel in Europe...Jeepers i miss that. Even USA doesnt have that


But home is home and even though its not perfect, its where the heart is. *blows kisses at the mountain*

sweets said...

go to France! excellent idea!!

then come home :)

Miss Caught Up said...

I think many people fantasize about living a simple life. In the region I live in it is definitely not as friendly and inviting as, say, The South (southern states of United States). I have often thought about moving away and into the country, but I would miss the city.

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Isn't it exciting (and terrifying) to know that the world holds such exciting times.

I love the whole: "I sometimes dream about moving out to the countryside. I can see myself living in a stone farmhouse, couple of children, baking, pottering outside in my wellies and waving hello to the neighbours as they wander into the village."

But like you said...nightmare or fantasy.
I have the same feeling. I think it's lovely for a little while. But you're a city girl... you'd get bored.
Or maybe you wouldn't!
hmmm... so many questions! But what a great thing to contemplate!!


Mike said...

Canada is like England but here we call rain snow.

Also, our accents are easier to understand.

Unless your talking to a french Canadian.

And if you are talking to a french canadian, an you don't (and won't) understand them, don't agree to anything.

Almost every one has the clap and the first question they ask is will you sleep with me.

Miss T said...

I hear you. When you live in big city you develop this schizo relationship where you love the high life and want to get away from it all at the same time. Never felt like that in Cape ...think cause it’s just a huge village but definitely feel it here in Dublin

The Divine Miss M said...

@bb - yup I love living in Europe for the travel!

@sweets - Ok, France and then home. Especially for you ;)

@miss caught up - but you can always go and VISIT the city! You're not away from it forever!

@blondie - Yup, and contimplate it I do fairly regularily. I can't imagine ever raising kids in a big city and I definitely want them. So one day I'll have to decide

@Mike - I have Canadian citzenship and the family are from there. I have experienced it all ;) We lived in Calgary for a bit.

@miss t - I felt it sometimes in CT but most of the time everyone does seem to know everyone in CT! It's weird. I love Ireland though, have you been out to the West? My fav part!

zuzula said...

just make sure you're out of london by 2012... i will be. the olympics are going to be carnage!

Candy Grrl said...

*sigh* that's one of the major reasons why I left London...but anyway!

Can't you combine some of that...like being the high powered exec & having kiddies, yes you may need a nanny or two but hell, you aren't super woman & at least the kids will be well looked after...well we hope & if the kids are okay with everything they can be 'rewarded' with their bimonthly trip to either their country house in the country or a trip to their country house in the French countryside...there truly are no limits to your dreams! I say, go after what you know you want & life will just fall into place!

Dude...you're in a good position :)

Miss T said...

Yea I did a trip to Conamara earlier this year and went horse back riding on the beach-lovely.Plus been to Cork and Kerry a few times. Still need to do a w/end in Galway

Tazeen said...

But thats the best bit about life, the unexpected that awaits you. If you know how you will end up, why do all that living?

Kitty Cat said...

I know this comment is a bit late, but I know exactly how you feel. I lived in Greece for 2 and a half years, and always felt a little homesick, like something was missing. No matter how you long you live in a foreign country, you always feel, well, foreign. You'll know in your gut when it's time up. I'm back home and there's no place like it, even with all the crime and nonsense.