Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Summer sun and fun

Today was the first day in 3 weeks that I have enjoyed being unemployed.

I woke to the most beautiful clear blue skies, the sound of birds in the park and I could already feel the warmth in the sun.

Whilst all of my friends departed the house to their dreary offices with only the joy of that 1 hour lunch break to get them through the day, I had a leisurely breakfast, completed all of my job hunting tasks and crossed the road to the park.

I took a sarong to lie on, a pillow from the couch, wireless headphones (connected to the radio back at the house) and my book.

What joy.

There is definitely someone to be said about Vitamin D creating happiness because for the first time in ages I was not depressed today. There hasn't been a single moment where I've wanted to cry and I even found myself smiling whilst doing some food shopping.

I love sun.

Perhaps this is foremost in wanting to move back to Cape Town as I could never see myself settling in a country that only has hot sun for, at most, 4 weeks a year.

And I'm not exaggerating.

The Great British Summer usually lasts about a month. There a couple of months of buildup (April to June) and then a couple of months of cooling off (August to October) with usually 1 month of proper summer.

How depressing is that?

My point though was that today I got to enjoy the sunshine. Tomorrow I will again. And Friday. Then come the weekend in typical London fashion it is going to rain.

My friends are not impressed.

Insanely Jealous would be the right description.

Hey I've got to have something going for me at the moment don't I?


Elise said...

Yes you do! The sun has made so many unemployed people happy and free to do as they like. British summer is rare and beautiful. If you spend it cooped up in an office you'll miss it!

I took you're advice and emailed my business associate and asked him to email me a document of Saudi laws etc. LOL I did it so fast I wrote an excited two liner!

Thanks for the support. Most people told me I was nuts for wanting to go. xx

The Divine Miss M said...

Oh good hon! It's a pleasure, though I do think that you are a bit insane for going I think it is totally and utterly YOUR choice whether you go or not.

Good going on the laws, that'll explain everything. From what I can figure out on the US embassy site you definitely can travel there!

kyknoord said...

Small pleasures are pleasures nonetheless. It would be pointless not to enjoy them when you have the opportunity to do so.

Meghan said...

I love how on weekdays the shops aren't as crowded, and there are often discounts at parks and art shows that you wouldn't otherwise see if you were working. Have fun and enjoy the sun :)

Mother Africa said...

"...It isn't that I'm picky or anything but I wouldn't be able to look for work and would be earning a pittance..."
yep! you are right! :)