Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Miss M is so angry ... she switched off the TV

So now that I am unemployed I am having to discover all new ways of keeping myself entertained during the day.

Do you know how tedious daytime TV is? I seriously think that they make it so boring in order to stop people wanting to actually be at home. It is a conspiracy to make sure that you want to have a job.

Unemployed person
I can't handle another day of watching daytime chat shows!!! PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME!!! I'll get off the dole, I'll find a job! Just don't make me watch that anymore!!!

I swear that Channel Commissioners must think that the people who stay at home all day are lacking in brain cells. What other excuses could they have for the truly terrible day time line up that there is?

We're talking about shows who cover such in depth topics as below:

You threw a TV ... at my head
My daughter went away ... she came back gay
I'll prove I'm the father of your ex girlfriends baby
Who got her pregnant? Me or the brother?
Who’s my FiancĂ© been with until five O’clock in the morning?
Celebrity hair trends - The humble plait is back!

I mean who ever would want to leave their house when they have such juicy topics to entertain them each day.

Thankfully I am one of those people who has the magic of Sky Plus. Each night before going to bed I cruise the channels and record anything that looks like it could be interesting to watch the next day during my Day on the Couch.

Thanks be to movie channels.

And old teen angst shows from my youth - such as Party of Five & Gilmore Girls.

Without these I would be lost.

Or learning about how You've broken up my family by sleeping with my two brothers!


boldly benny said...

Ha ha, I can so relate to this! I have been unemployed twice in my life for six months at a time... I tended to watch a lot of Ricky Lake!
Good luck

The Divine Miss M said...

Thanks BB, thankfully I have Sky Plus, it really is proving to be a bit of a life saver!

kyknoord said...

I always suspected that it was a conspiracy cooked up by marginalised librarians to get people to read more.

Meghan said...

I find the only way to survive periods of unemployment is to watch cooking shows (cause then you get to go to the store to get the ingredients to make the said food which kills time) and find a cheesy soap opera to start watching. Good luck!

The Divine Miss M said...

@kyknoord - That could be true! They are failing with me at present.

@megan - I have been cooking - AND BAKING! I rule ;)

Annie Valentine said...

If you're bored you could always get knocked up. Hey, it works for me.