Monday, 6 April 2009

First day is over

Today was my first day of unemployment.

After waking up at 0900, looking at my phone and going in to a flat out panic because I'd overslept and was going to be late for work I suddenly realised that I didn't have to go to work and that I had the whole day to sleep.

So I got up.

That was probably my first mistake. In retrospect I should have slept till 1pm, had lunch and then gone back to sleep because that would have been more eventful than my day was.

0930 - Ate breakfast

0940 - Watched an episode of One Tree Hill

1025 - Watched another episode of One Tree Hill

1115 - Old Housemate came around (he is job hunting too) and we reworked my CV and cleaned up on my Powerpoint skills

1315 - Ate lunch

1345 - Watched another episode of One Tree Hill

And so on.

The day stretched in to a whole long day of nothingness with me just staring at my computer screen willing a new job to appear.

It is strange how you can waste away 10 hours until your housemates arrive home and then waste another 4 hours until it is time to go to sleep again.

Tomorrow I am going to go meet with a recruitment agent and beg her for a job. If tears work I will try it, if promising sexual favours works I will try it and if handing over my first born works I will try that too!

This is my pledge to you!

Oh and I probably will watch some One Tree Hill cause you knows I am all over that shit!


livingladolcevita said...

I miss unemployment, she says rather quietly, incase the retrenchment fairies hear and think I'm serious.

The Divine Miss M said...

No don't say that!

I mean yes, I get to watch really bad trashy day time tv and I get to sleep till when I want to and don't have to worry about deadlines etc


You don't get paid. If I got paid for this I could get used to it ;)

Hmm ... perhaps I should get pregnant, claim benfits and live on a council estate ...

Miss T said...

Lass I'm seriously holding thumbs for you!

kyknoord said...

Regarding your response to Dolce, it's always good to have a fallback plan - or in this case, a lie back plan :)

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Aw Miss M... Firstly One Tree Hill totally rocks...

But that's beside the point! I am sure that something will come up soon sans sexual favours, tears and handing over the first born! :-)

COME TO SA!!! ;-)

amy said...

Can you claim unemployment? You've been there long enough...

I know it personifies everything we hate about the UK (or maybe everything I hate), but this kind of siutation is exactly what it was designed for.

The Divine Miss M said...

@miss t - thanks hon :)

@kyknoord - and such a fantastic lie back plan it is. just looking for the father figure at the moment. no one passed out behind the trash at the moment. will look harder.

@blondie - ta for the support. you're right, something will come along!

@amy - i am going too. well at least try. but you promise no jokes about it okies?