Thursday, 26 June 2008

Well I'll probably just stab you in the front

I ended work last night in a thoroughly foul mood. A pity because I was heading over to Jailbait's house for a discussion about our Sardinia holiday next week and the poor boy had to deal with me ranting and raving in regards to work for about 20 minutes before I finally calmed down.

It's funny. Here in the office there is a great comradeship amongst all of the Production staff. We're friendly to each other, we regularly go out for lunch and use each other for sounding boards about work problems and ideas.


Underneath it all the claws will come out.

There is intense competition about who is going to get what show, who's contract is being extended, who is paid the highest and most important - who is going to get that long dreamed of promotion.

The problem is that we are mostly contracted so after the show that you are on there is a fair chance that the bosses will not extend it. Plus there are certain shows that we all want to work on - but of course only 1 of us can get that joy.

We're also not supposed to discuss our pay. But of course we all do. The reason for this is because then we might discover that the bosses are in fact lying to us and we are NOT on the highest wage for our position. This recently happened to one of my colleagues. I mentioned my rate, she realised I was x amount more a week than her and requested a pay rise. She firmly got told that she was on par with all the others and at this point they can't do it.

Uh oh.

Now she can't say anything cause then I'm in trouble - but believe me you WANT too!

I was annoyed because the powers that be know that I am angling for a promotion at the moment and keep fobbing me off with slightly more money and a promise that as soon as there is a position available that they can try me out in then it will happen.

The liars.

A new girl who started a couple of weeks ago just got contracted onto the junior position that I want.

They told me there were none available at present.

Does this mean I'm not good at my job or that they'd rather I did it on another show?


I really hate the politics.

They are putting me on an amazing show next and I am going to gain some invaluable studio experience on a live awards ceremony surrounded by celebrities - but part of me would rather have had that promotion.


Miss P said...

So why did I ever have a fantasy about being in your industry? I cant remember. I suppose bosses just assume that no one will talk to each other, which is stupid. If they just said: 'Right well you arent going to get it cause I dont think you have the skills' then at leat you have something to work on. Lying is unproductive.

I for one, hope you get the promotion because you going to another awards ceremony may make me physically ill!

kyknoord said...

The Powers That Be are relying on the principle that as long as the competition is fierce, anyone can be replaced easily. Not exactly long-term thinkers, are they?

Miss Tig said...

Trust me-its not because you suck at your job-these bizarre things happen for a reason-remember when I was "fired" and replaced-well am soooo glad it happened because I would have been stuck with the crap the other guy now has..and he has no way out..
You are fabulous at your job.and the promotion will come!
I do the financials now-I know how much everyone earns...and it does suck-but its a 2 way street-hate to work in a bank now,wouldnt i :-p

The Divine Miss M said...

@miss p - Because the grass is always greener? Ah yes, awards ceremony's are pretty damn cool ;)

@kyk - Nope. That they aren't. Wise words there, perhaps I should pretend that I don't care if I'm here or not ... they'll be desperate to know why and give me everything I want in order to keep me?

The Divine Miss M said...

@miss tig - So true. You got screwed and then rewarded ;)

Man, imagine working in a bank! Awful!!

Supanova said...

OMG... It's like you took a page out my life... Everything you mentioned resonates with me! (Except for the part where you told a colleague about yo salary - haha - bad move!!!! teeheehee) Anywhooo - I have just found without a job - well, as of the start of July! Grrrrr! Bloody shows and seasons and bloody production industry! But ya gotta love it huh! I soooo wudn't trade it for a different industry!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Politics suck!! It doesn't matter where you work or what industry it's in... it's all corporate bullshit!

Hang in there Miss M!

happy snapper said...

Ah yeah, Ive done the forbidden telling of the salary amounts with collegues. The findings were not pleasant I assure you! My boss at the time was screwing over my colleague. He since requested a rather high pay rise (which is what he should actually be earning) but I dont know if he's got it yet? I hope he did....

And I hope you get your promotion! The awards ceremony thing sounds awesome! its an appetiser for whats to come :)

Amy said...

You know what's really great? When people in another department who have exactly the same designations (job grades) are in a higher salary bracket, simply because your profession is seen to be "tree hugging nonsense"...

Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

it all happens when it's supposed to happen and everything happens for a reason.

or so i'm told.

but chin up, you'll get everything you want eventually!!!:)

just sayin hey, and that i'm back and missed reading you !!

sweets said...

that sucks... end of the day the word LOYAL does not exist... which sucks even more!