Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Power Mad

I think I'm starting to get sick.

Not really 100% sure; my nose is all itchy and runny and I can not stop sneezing - however I don't feel particularly sick. It might just be hay fever?

It is making me exceedingly grumpy though and I do pity some of my fellow colleagues.

I don't have a lot of power in my job, in fact most of the time I'm the one answering to everyone else on the Creative side but sometimes - just sometimes - I can with hold things in a bid to have some sort of power. It's pathetic I know, but hey I was feeling sick and cranky today ok?

My least favourite Editor has this thing about getting his taxi's home in the evening if he works past 8pm. He's the only person who does this and because good Editors are hard to come by and exceptionally rare we cater to his desire and generally just turn a blind eye. I'm the poor sap who has to book them though and let's just say that this Editor really must thing that I have nothing better to do with my time than book his cars.


Hi Miss M, can you please book me my taxi for 2300 tonight and let me know the reference number? Thanks.


Hi Miss M, did you get my earlier email regarding my taxi?

Now I'm not petty, but for some reason I just didn't feel like answering him. Perhaps it is that power thing I was talking about?


Mobile rings, I don't recognise the number and figure since I'm sitting at my desk I'll ignore it as if it is work they'll call the land line number.

Message: Hi Miss M, it's Editor. Just trying to chase that cab. Can you please book it?

Yes. It must be that power thing. He is so desperate for that taxi.


Land line phone rings. I'm on the other line so put it through to voicemail.

Message: Miss M, please let me know!

Shame, the poor sap. He's really getting desperate now.


Mobile rings. It's my boss! (He was down in another Edit)

Bossman: Hi Miss M, Editor just rang. Apparently he's trying to get a cab booked and he can't get through to you?

Miss M: Ja I know, I heard and saw all the messages and emails! I'm just busy and didn't feel like doing it yet.

Bossman: Laughs

Miss M: I think I get some sort of perverse joy out of with holding it

Bossman: You're insane Miss M

So I gave in at 1710 and booked it for him. 4 hours later.

He wasn't impressed.

Sheesh. Can't please some people can you?


happy snapper said...

you showed him! :) he he
You couldve always booked him a taxi to some random destination. That wouldve been funny. Although, not very conducive to job keeping...

Sorry that you're getting "sick" though...sneezing is never fun.

Meghan said...

Hope you feel better. Get some Oil of Oregano. That shit'll cure everything from sniffles to a hangover.

Amy said...

He must of course realise that in all the time he took to call you, he could have just called the damn cab company himself!

Are you his personal secretary? No, you're not? Then fuck that shit! Let him get his own damn cab!! Or * shock horror* let him take the train like the rest of humanity and downsize his enormous carbon footprint somewhat.


It's been one of those weeks at work, and its only been 1 day so far...

Miss P said...

Amy, I say 'HEAR HEAR!' Why couldnt he just book his own cab? surely its just as easy to call a cab company as it is to call you?

I like the power trip though. If someone asked me for something stupid I would WANT to do the same, but probably not have the courage. Nice

KaB said...

Well I totally agree that he should've booked his own cab because you don't have to harrass someone all day in order to do that!

Then again, he is your senior, right?!? And surely if the company are desperate to keep him, they'll do so even at the detriment of your job...what if the dude ranted so badly that you were reported & then slapped on the wrists?!? You're sure willing to chance if over a petty 'power struggle'!

Just my two cents :)

sweets said...

my thoughts exactly... he could have booked his own damn cab in hmmmmm... 5 minutes??? stupid wanker!
girl power!!... yes that's what it's all about :)

leez said...

Loving it.

Shocking how he found the time to call you all day and yet he could have just booked himself a taxi.

Enjoy the power.

Ruby said...

tee hee hee:) awe hun........i love that!!! i jsut hope my little slaves don't read this and get any ideas...i'll kill them;)

The Chronicles of a Fashionista in PDX said...

Ooooh!! Nice!!! I wish I could have a power trip from time to time.. What can I with hold....

I hope you feel better. From the sound of it it could just be hay fever.

The Divine Miss M said...

Well the reason that I'm the one booking the cabs is because we have an account number and password and I can't hand it out willy nilly otherwise people will be booking themselves cabs left right and centre! Imagine that?? I don't mind doing it, it is part of my job - I just felt like with holding it yesterday for a bit ;)

@snapper - Cheers hon, I'm all drugged up today!

@meghan - Hmm ... never heard that before ... not sure I want to smell of oregano!!!

@amy - hahah I know the feeling hon! Breath!!!

@Miss P - Sometimes I just crack hey ;)

@Kab - Naah it's ok. My boss knows I'll do it and knows I have more important things to do than instantaneously book a cab :) Ta for the worry though!!

@sweets - See above re why :)

@pdx - I thought so too but the hayfever tablets didn't work! Alright now, drugged up on cold capsules ;)

kyknoord said...

I'm reminded of an old expression: Be careful whose toes you step on today, because they may be connected to the legs that are connected to the ass you need to kiss tomorrow.

The Blonde Blogshell said...

You're sooo naughty!!!! I LOVE it!! Hahahaha!!!

Now listen carefully to doctor Blondie: The key is to use fresh ingredients.
Grate a small section of a fresh ginger root and put that into a tea cup.
Add honey, lemon and boiling water. Wait for the ginger to settle and then drink. Drink as many cups as you can and you will feel better.
The Ginger has a natural antibiotic, the lemon adds Vitamin C and the honey also has healing agents.
Feel better Missy!!

Tricia said...

So the company is paying for his cab ride home? Must be nice! I'd have done the same damn thing!