Friday, 13 June 2008

Evacuate the Building!

I got told the most scary thing ever today.

At the moment I have the most lovely Production Executive sitting behind me in an office. She is wonderful and I don't care if she sees that I am not doing working and am faffing around on Facebook.

She just told me that in 2 weeks she is moving to a different floor.

This is still okay. I can deal with this.

But then she told me that the most scary Production Executive ever is moving in behind me.

Oh. My. God.

She is so scary.

She'll never let me check my Facebook or chat to friends.

She might bust me blogging.

Oh. My. God.

What am I to do??


Lopz said...

One word: MINIMISE!!!! Make all your windows so small that they just peek over the bottom of your screen. My desk is in an awful position, and I do that all the time. Works like a charm. Ok yes, people can still see what you're doing, but I think they appreciate the effort you've gone to to at least pretend you're working?

PiaG said...

Here's what you do... speak to someone in IT. Find out what websites she visits that she shouldn't be visiting... probably

Then you can casually refer to the fact in passing conversaion. Once she knows you know - she won't even look your way!

Amy said...

Always have a work window open, get rid of your task bar, and learn to always have fingers hovering over alt-tab.

Shame, I feel your pain. My desk faced the door for 2 years, and I always had people coming in behind me. Of course, our network admin have blocked facebook, flickr, blogger etc...

Meghan said...

Make nice with her, get her a coffee and piece of cake on the first day as a welcome to the cubicle gift. Then hold it against her if she catches you.

happy snapper said...

Ah hun, I have the same problem now with my new job. I cant check my facebook or blogger or msn at work anymore, I have to do it briefly at lunchtime now only, but that doesnt get to happen most of the time. My boss sits right next to me at an angle, and has a full view of my screen all the time! Aaarg.
Oh well, she is still really awesome though.

yeah, your best bet is to take sneak peeks, and always make sure you're able to swop over to a work window.
hope you manage to find a sneaky plan!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Oh dear!! Say it isn't so!!!

Shit, shit, shit!!!

Ok...I'm with the gals here... bribe, bribe and then bribe some more....OR... say that facebook helps with research! Um...nah...don't say that!


The Divine Miss M said...

@lopz - Cool, good advice. I'll make sure I give it a go! :)

@piag - Ah no, I wouldn't blackmail her. I'd get fired :(

@amy - Sounds like such effort!!!!!

@snapper - Ah is that where you've vanished to these days?

@blondie - I KNOW!!!! I'm going to have to pray! Or move desk ....

The Chronicles of a Fashionista in PDX said...

Oh my goodness! That is really scary... Can you move to her seat and you sit behind her instead?? Hehehe.. I would ask.. come up with an excuse like.. "It messes with my Feng Shui".

happy snapper said...

Yip, unfortunately it is where I have disappeared to lately :(
Hope you dont end up with the same fate as me.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

You do have a delimma. Hopefully she isn't the terror rumor makes her out to be.

leez said...

Yay. I'm not the only one but you need to accept and adjust.

My boss is in her own office but she refuses to close the damn door so form where she sits she can see my screen. Thats why I have pleaded vision problems and now my screen is facing at an akward angle. Another tip is to have tabbed browsing and as amy said have a couple of work windows open just in case.

Works like a charm. Also make friends with the guys in IT to have your firewall lifted.

The Divine Miss M said...

@pdx - Naah she's in an office unfortunately :( And I'm right outside of it!

@snapper - It's only until the 1st of August and then I'm freeeeee!!!!

@nick - Ja I heard yesterday that she can be quite nice sometimes. Let's hold thumbs!

@leez - Ta for the tips :)