Monday, 23 June 2008

Quaking in my boots

It has started.

The awful Production Executive has moved in behind me.

She started exerting her authority immediately this morning and even managed to upset my Production Manager with her loud demands and louder complaints about our little piece of the office.

Apparently it's too cluttered, boxes need to go, coffee areas need to be cleaned up, fire extinguishers moved and we all need to do it as fast as possible in order to pacify her.

She scares me.

She's big and loud and cranky. The worst part is that she can see directly onto my computer screen. I've angled it slightly though so it isn't completely in her eye line but still.


Least she is out at a lot of meetings during the day and I technically only have until the 1st of August and then I am moving floors so won't be near her BUT STILL!

Bossman: Miss M do we have to come in tomorrow?

Miss M: I KNOW!!!! I'm terrified!

Bossman: ME TOO!!!!

Least I know I'm not alone.


Bailey Schneider's Blog said...

Found your blog and I must say I've been thoroughly enjoying it!

Your boss sounds dreadful. Hope it gets better. Here's holding thumbs! :-)

kyknoord said...

So if your posts become less frequent, we'll know why. Is that the sound of a whip cracking in the background?

sweets said...

when i read the title of your post i read...

quaking in my boobs...LOL

good luck

Supanova said...

Oh you poor, poor dear! I sooo don't envy you! You deserve to get your own office! Demand it!

@ kyknoord - LMAO at the whip jest... Too funny! lol

The Chronicles of a Fashionista in PDX said...

Hmmm.. she sounds familiar!!! She must be related to the Supervisor at my work.

Funny.. I read quaking in my boobs too! LOL

Lopz said...

Cue laxatives in her coffee....

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Dude! That's horrible...*evil grin*
What about laxatives in the coffee?
Hmmm...sleeping pills in her yoghurt and anything else that keeps her away from you!!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

No ways...didn't read your comments and just saw that Lopz said the same thing!


Elise said...

I know exactly how you feel Miss M. I hate it when someone else can see my computer screen. Even when I'm genuinly working I feel like they're intruding..

Do something funny... open up a word document, change the word size to 45, and type:

"What The F**K Are You Looking At?"

... then you'll see if she's really scary or if she's just faking it. xx

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

It’s good not to be alone. Has the conspiracy begun to rid your selves of awful Production Executive?

Mike said...

Have you tried flatulence?

There's a woman in our office who clears the room well.

I'm pretty sure she does it on purpose.

Miss P said...

Mike: Waahahahahahaha! Of all things to use as a weapon....

Aw, Miss M. Sucks. Although I have to admit that i am absolutely fascinated to meet the person who scares YOU! You scare me sometimes, even though I tend to intimidate the hell out of people. It must be a rising scale. Who do you think scares HER? *shudders*

The Divine Miss M said...

Haha you guys are FUNNY!

@mike - loving your idea, my back is to her so I might just give it a go ;)

@Miss P - I'm not THAAAAT scary!!!

@bailey - Hi there :)

@kyk - Oh baby, talk dirty to me.

@sweets - You're sick. Very sick.

@pdx - YOU TOO! ;)

@lopz and blondie - NIIIIICE!! Man, can you imagine???

@Elise - I'd get fired. She is a BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG boss.

@nick - Ja, the whole area is living in fear. We're going to have secret meetings soon! ;)

@supernova - Somehow that won't be coming for a while ...