Wednesday, 11 June 2008

I am woman, hear me roar.

I am a very strong person. I have very definite opinions and views and am never afraid to share them. In fact I sometimes enjoy nothing more than having a good old debate and quite enjoy arguing about different points of view. I don't mind if people have separate opinions to me and believe different things but what I can not stand is people who are not willing to open their mind to the fact that there could be

1) People who think differently to them

2) That they could be, in fact, plain wrong

If I hear or see something that immediately gets my blood boiling because someone is insulting people or things I hold dear; or is just saying something that really gets my goat because it is plainly insulting to the general public I am going to let my thoughts be known. I am not going to cotton wool myself ever.

You like it or leave it. If you don't like that part of me then you are never going to generally like the whole of me.

I refuse to pussyfoot around people because I might be insulting their little point of view. If they are not strong enough or have enough conviction in what they believe in to stand up for it then more the shame to them. I will fight to the death for the things that I believe in and do not see it as wasted breath.

The Internet is a wonderful space. It is completely open and when we (us bloggers) post something up we are letting it out into the wide world and in turn leaving ourselves open to any other views and thoughts from our readers. If you don't want this to happen then

1) Moderate your blog

2) Make it private

If you don't want to hear other peoples thoughts then you are only writing for yourself. If you want the type of blog that people read and are interested in then you should welcome debates and not chastise your readers for actually taking a real interest in what you've written other than just randomly reading and then closing the page.

I welcome this.

Tell me your thoughts.

Is my blog crap? Am I talking out of my arse? Do you know someone in television who thinks that everything I write here is a complete lie?

Please tell me.

Because if I read something on your blog that I don't like I most definitely will be telling you.

I will NOT be censored.

So take it or leave it.


Mark Eames said...

Yo, yo, yo! What did go wrong today? Have those pesky TV people been reading your blog and gotten all hot under the collar?

I am with you, a blog is your personal space filled with your personal thoughts. People reading it can choose to continue reading or never come back - their call.

KaB said...

Well I enjoy your blog very's real & that's endearing in the blogosphere! Frankly, if you didn't have such a strong opinion about things then I wouldn't be here reading your stuff...simple as that!

I reckon that people need to take a step back when it comes to reading people's work/ personal info...this is not a forum to bash people around & I think that often gets lost around here!

Is someone being a prick?!? I'll bitchslap em for you!


Piss: we will get on like a house on fire by the way...I've yet to meet someone who can have more opinions than me & that's coming from other people...not me! Haha

Mike said...

Would you marry me?

The Chronicles of a Fashionista in PDX said...

Wow! What brought this on? I don't know if anything anyone writes is fictitious or not and I'm sure many people question the legitimacy of many blogs unless specified as fiction. The legitimacy doesn't matter to me so long as I enjoy it.

I do wonder why people react so sensitively to negative comments. It like trying to fight an invisible monster. No one wins and its just a waste of time.

I fully enjoy your blog as well as many other people's blogs. I don't think it's full of crap, nor do I think you're talking out of your arse.

If you didn't have a strong opinion or any opinion, then your blog wouldn't be entertaining :)

The Divine Miss M said...

@mark - Naah they haven't discovered it! I dread that day :) I just got sick of someone complaining about people debating what they have written about on their blog. If you have comments available the whole point is people to leave their mark on what you've written. I welcome people's criticism or praise of me. I thrive on it.

@kab - Aww thanks hon :)I really enjoy yours too *mutual patting on the back*

See I disagree, if you read someone on someone's blog that you disagree with or have a different opinon too I think if they have a comment area you should be free to express it. And I will.

I don't mean be rude and call them names and bash them around - but I mean a good healthy discussion of what was written there is definitely needed! Not like that tosser who was leaving comments on your blog!

Piss: I think we will too :) You'll love Lopz too!

@Mike - Sure, but could you handle me? hehehhe

@pdx - Thanks hon, I enjoy writing it which really is what matters in the end :)

Ja, if someone wants to leave a comment being negative about my blog I honestly don't mind. That is there opionon. But I don't really mean being negative, I just mean that if I disagree with something that you have written on your blog the immediate act of writing it and posting it on the internet means that I can leave my opinon on it and I will.

If you don't want to hear what other people have to say in reference to what you have written moderate your comments or make your blog private!

sweets said...

*crack whip*
are you wearing a dominatrix outfit? LOL

i think i know what brought this on...

and i agree 100%!!!

i like your blog hun, you rock and that's the end of the story ;)

PiaG said...

I'll hang around.

Life without debate... rather take me to a padded cell and put me in a straight jacket.

MidniteGem said...

I love the previous comment! And I so agree! What a sad place this world would be without debating and all the different people out there.

KaB said...

Groovy...well I can't wait to 'argue' over a good few bottles of wine or beer...whichever...meh!

I totally agree that you should be able to debate with people on blogs re: opinions etc but I just get weary because people tend to cross the invisible lines that the blogosphere so surprisingly adopted?!? I like to tread carefully :)

As for being censored...I got censored last night...*BF put in a request to delete a post I wrote about him...what does this mean...why is he so worried about what people think are just a few of the questions running around my head...I don't normally take posts off as I also think my feelings should be open & it's my space...does that make me transparent and does he think he has me wrapped around his finger are just a few additional questions I have circulating upstairs!

It can be a tricky issue...this blog stuff!

The Divine Miss M said...

@sweets - Oh yes, that is me :) Glad to know you agree, certain people are still not agreeing with me which is really sad when it is an actual friend of yours In Real Life who can not come to you and discuss their issues. That really is my beef!

Ta for the compliment :)

@piag - Yes, life when everyone agrees on everything would be a very sad place indeed.

@gem - Can't wait to argue with you again! ;)

@kab - I don't understand that either, it isn't like you use his name or anything so we don't even know who he is. Though it must be strange to read about yourself online.

Jailbait keeps threatening to read my blog when I write about it but I know he won't - plus I don't even think he remembers where the address is!!!

Miss P said...

I agree with what you have said, and as I have not read the blog and the comment you left on said blog I cannot give an opinion on that particular situation. However, I do feel there is an invisible line when it comes to commenting on someones blogs.
If someone were to be insulting, for example, I would block them (is that possible on this site?) or if someones continual negative or argumentative comments started to annoy me I would retaliate.

I think it fair that as a blog is someones personal venting area (where I, for one, write what I think because I certainly cant express it in my real life)that to some degree we should be respectful and allow them to vent.

That said, allowing comments on your blog means that you are willing to hear what other people say on the topic! If you dont want an opinion, dont allow them.

Its all about a mutual respect of each others venting area, I think.

Just email her and tell her she is being over-reactive :-)

The Blonde Blogshell said...

I am officially scared of you! *Just kidding*

I love your blog! If I didn't, I wouldn't come back every day to read it!!

I agree with you....I think people do care about what other people think (some to a larger degree than others) but I agree...if you can't back your opinions, you shouldn't have one then!!

care to share where this comes from??

MidniteGem said...

@blondie - but what if your not allowed to back up your opinion and you just get told off for it? Or get told you are being personal and nasty and shouting random stuff out when you are just saying what you think and trying to make your view understood as other "attack" back.
There is nothing that you can do right then.

@MissM - looking forward to our arguements :)

The Divine Miss M said...

@miss p - I know what you mean. And I might have been a tad forceful in my opinons but that still isn't a reason to chastise me for expressing them.

You can delete comments and you can moderate your blog which is protection. If you do neither you can't complain about what people write!

@blondie - ta :) I'm not THAT scary I promise! Was just a tad miffed :P

@midnightgem - I looves you ;)

Lopz said...

Ahhhh conflict - it's the spice of life, isn't it? And if conflict is the spice, opinion is the meal itself. Or perhaps I am just talking out of my arse. ;-)

MidniteGem said...

Nicely said Lopz!

leez said...

Sheesh. I finally took my sick day and you decide to go banshee on your poor readers.

I enjoy reading your blog. It actually makes my job seem tame but the brief time I was in television reminded me that I didn't want to do that. Ever. Redirect major.

Anyway the point of a blog is to voice your own opinions and what ohters say really doesnt matter. Its nice to take it into consideration but at the end of the day these are your thoughts.

Do not allow other peoples judgements to rule you.

The Divine Miss M said...

@lopz - but what a fine arse it is? ;)

@leez - That they are. And if someone else differs with you fair enough but you can't start censoring them just because you don't like what they have to say. Especially if you've put something out there which MANY people will disagree on.