Friday, 20 June 2008

Let's go shopping

Major panic stations in our little area of the office yesterday. Turns out that one of the Directors was paid his salary more times than he should have been.

No one is really sure of how this happened.

Thing is, it isn't like it was only a couple of hundred pounds that appeared in his bank account - we are talking over £7000!

How does one not notice something like that?

I mean seriously.

Or did he hope that no one would notice that we paid him that much?

How would we NOT notice? But then again I suppose it has taken us 6 weeks to notice but it was bound to happen eventually.

Now we can't get a hold of him as he is away on holiday - blowing that extra 7 grand no doubt.

I mean seriously! What was going through his head?

Director: Ooo it appears I've been paid a bit more this month

Director: Wow, my rate went up

Director: Hmmm my dodgy dealings have finally paid off ...

Director: Wow man whoring is paying well these day!

Or maybe he is just like me and never checks his bank balance for fear of what he might see?

Well all I know is that he now has to pay us back £7000.

That would suck.


Lopz said...

I have had this discussion with Shoes many times: what would you do if you were overpaid? Both of us are very firm in our viewpoint - we would shut our mouths, spend the cash and hope for the best. We'd assume it was a holy sign that our fortunes had just turned. Can't say I blame the man!!!

The Divine Miss M said...

Ja but when they request the money back you have to pay it in installments until you've paid it off. 7 grand is a lot to pay back! Couple of hundred quid and I'd keep my mouth shut, more than that I'd say something!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Dude!! That's hectic! He is DEFINITELY blowing it on his holiday! DAMN! I'd hate to get back, have spent it on pina colada's and shoes and then find out I have to pay it back!

Man oh man!

I had that once, but I was honest about it...I was hoping my honesty would be rewarded and they'd say: Blondie, because you were so honest and it was our error, you can keep it! Happy Christmas in June!

No such luck. The world is cruel.

kyknoord said...

I'm pretty sure I'd notice, because then my credit card wouldn't scream every time I used it.

Supanova said...

OMG... I'm wondering what I'd have done if that were me! Hmmmmm.... Bummer he has to pay it back! I hope he hasn't spent it all coz he's gonna have a hell of a time tryna pay it back... unless he's a millionaire... in which case he wud have been honest about it in the first place! LMAO @ the amount of time it took to figure that one out! Has your accountant/salary paying person been fired yet?

leez said...

It happened to a mate of mine. But it was only R2000 extra. He kept his mouth shut and there was no problems until the following month when he was paid.. you guessed it... R2000 less.

Those finance people are sneaky bastards.

The Chronicles of a Fashionista in PDX said...

That's a tough ethical decision. To tell or not to tell. Crap, I don't know what I'd do if my company accidentally deposited 7 grands. But then again, I would have to hate to pay it back.

The Divine Miss M said...

@blondie - ja you'd think! What is up with that??? hehehee

@kyknoord - I've gagged mine. It whimpers occasionally.

@supernova - Nope not yet! Think it will happen soon though!

@leez - Ja that is what I'd do if it was a small amount. But 7000 pounds???

@pdx - It is a tough one isn't it? I like to think that I'm honest and would mention it :)

Miss Tig said...

He must have a S#$%load of cash if he hasnt "noticed" the extra 7k!!
In all honesty-I would keep quiet-wait a few months to see if anyone had noticed and if not-spend it...if they can afford to "accidentally" pay it out-I can spend it :-)
Am I being karmically cursed right now?

The Divine Miss M said...

@miss tig - YUP!