Friday, 16 May 2008

Update and some plugging

This is a shameless plug but I like to do my bit for new and entertaining blogs.

I don't know if you all remember my friend Miss P and her entertaining story about working in Sudan.

Well she has been bitten by the blog bug and has decided to start her own one. I do hope that you all go and check it out - I promise she is great fun!

5th World Adventures

So it is Friday and I am bouncing off the walls with a lovely sugar rush from some absolutely delicious Carrot cake that Edit Producer made me get at lunch time.

Yes ladies and gentleman I managed to go and get lunch with him. Granted I did ask if I could take a wander with him but he didn't say no and we had a fantastic conversation throughout the 30 minutes.

Some more light hearted flirting has been going on but I must admit that I am in agreement with Kyknoord's comment and would rather he asked me out.

I wonder if that is going to happen?

Well he is moving down into our Edit on the 1st floor on Monday morning so might have to continue this flirting on an email basis but I promise that by the end of the 3 weeks I will have gone out for a drink with him even if it kills me!

After he actually made me do some work for him

Miss M: Aaawww Edit Producer you're no fun I swear.

Edit Producer: Oh Miss M I promise I am! Just not when I have so much work to do! But I promise I can be fun!

Miss M: Well when will that be then?

Edit Producer: Well we'll see how the first week of the edit goes shall we?


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I clicked over Miss P’s blog and am glad that I did. I enjoyed reading about Chicken who is not a chicken and look forward to hearing about the mongoose who eats toes.

Sooooooo… you snared the dude! Blessings for future fun.

Meghan said...

I look forward to this post about the drink. Way to mix a little business with pleasure ;)

sweets said...

*wildly clapping hands*

happy snapper said...

Ok, Im with you on Kyknoord's comment actually. he needs to do some work too.

But as for the lunch vibe, thats definately a step in the right direction :) Looking forward to hearing about the drink scenario, and how much fun he can be!! :)

Anonymous said...

I wonder if there blog called "The Adventures of the Edit Producer"?

...and then we had lunch together. Boy can she hoover up a slice of carrot cake! The big question is, do I ask her out and possibly get fired for sexual harassment or do I just cast caution to the winds..."

KaB said...

Oh god...imagine if he has a big willy too & knows how to use'll have the whole package right your hands...literally!

I aspire to be like you :)

A South African girl in London town...with a hot producer tagging along & a big willy to go!


The Divine Miss M said...

@nick - glad to hear you like Miss P's blog, hope you keep reading! I haven't snared him yet ... just went out for lunch with him ;)

@meghan - let's hope there is a next post to post!

@sweets - Nothing to party about quite yet :(

@kyknoord - He probably does think that! I did enhale the carrot cake, was sooooo good.

Mmmhhhh sexual harrassment, I could go for some of that! :P

@Kab - Ye I wish!!! Aawww glad ot know that SOMEONE aspires to be me ;)

The Blonde Blogshell said...

I have 3 words: Ooooh La la!!!


PS> send me your email address and I'll email you what I do! Haha!!

KaB said...

BB - no ways...what about me...I'm itching to know too!


Lopz said...

@Kyk - pahahaha, that made me laugh for ages! I think I'm going to look for his possible blog now - what search terms should I use? New job, carrot cake, really horny chick?

leez said...

So... Any new developments...Living vicariously through you.

The Divine Miss M said...

@Blondie - Chicken :P

@Kab - Rejection is horrid hey?

@Lopz - Hahaha, funny one

@leez - Nope sorry hon, none yet. But I promise I'll keep you updated.

I'm a tad worried that you live through me, my life really isn't that exciting!