Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Out of hiding

Sorry I've been AWOL for a couple of days. We had a bank holiday here on Monday so no work and then yesterday I spent almost 4 hours at the Accident and Emergency clinic due to a climbing injury I incurred over the weekend.

Not worry - all is fine. I just managed to strain my calf muscle and can't walk properly. Jailbait is extremely worried as we were supposed to go away again this weekend and keeps phoning me in panic regarding this.

Personally I think my ability to walk is more important than him missing a climbing trip.

What you think?

My boss isn't too keen on the idea of me climbing at all.

Miss M: It isn't that bad, I just can't walk properly.

Gay Manager: Miss M you are banned from climbing for the next two months, I don't think I could survive without you!

I suppose that is quite a compliment isn't it? However it won't stop me from climbing! As soon as this leg is better and I'm back up and running I will conquer that 30 metre wall that eluded me this weekend.

Yes I know, I'm insane.

I almost throttled a Director today.

He kicked up a fuss about having to stop by the office to collect a piece of camera kit on his way back to the location up north this afternoon.

Director: Snide tone I just really love doing your job on my day off Miss M

Miss M: Very slowly What do you mean "doing my job?"

Director: Having to collect and deliver things

Miss M: Pissed off tone Well I'm not going to (location) and you are so we thought we'd save ourselves £85 by getting you to quickly stop by here before getting on your train. Is there a problem?

Director: Sulky tone I just don't like being made to feel like a lackey.


I don't understand why so many Directors act like spoilt children.

And are way too full of themselves for their own good.


MsMozi said...

You're not insane at all! You'll show that 30m wall! Hehe, hope your calf recovers quickly. PS. Climbed my first 18 last weekend -woohoo!

The Divine Miss M said...

I don't know what grade that is hon? I am confused between the UK grading, the French grading and now the Trad grading I've had to learn!!!!

I climb

Sport: 5+
Indoor: 5a, 5b
Trad: HS4c's MAX!

Does that make any sense to you??

Are you doing sport climbing? Leading outdoors?

Supanova said...

Firstly, you shud have kicked him in the shins! Grrrrrrr
Okay... climbing? Yeah, I hate to break it to ya but I'm guessing you a tad insane! LOL. Oh don't mind me... I'm just jealous coz I have a terrible fear of heights!

The Divine Miss M said...

@supernova - I had the overwhelming desire too. He's lucky he left at that point.

Ya so do I but you kind of learn to face it. I climbed a couple of weekends ago this 26metre sea cliff climb where you get to the top and look down and it is a further 50metre drop to the ocean beyond the path you're on and I freaked out completely. Refused to clean my climb and was so scared even to come down!

It can be scary but mostly it is just completely exhilerating.

The Chronicles of a Fashionista in PDX said...

1. You love to climb! You are not insane. I love sports in general and I don't care if I injure myself. That's just how I am.

2. That Director is a prick. I think I would have asked where his assistant was, because don't all important people have personal assistants?

The Blonde Blogshell said...

You naughty, naughty girl!! Shame hun...hope you're ok!! Milk it....get everyone to run around for you while you rest!! Feel better!!

PS> Director's can be anal!

Working Girl Two said...

directors like that make me scream! i am the office bitch so i understand what it's like to get bitched at constantly for little things like this. so unncessary.

Meghan said...

I had a director like that once. I "accidentally" spilled coffee on his lap once and he started getting his own.

Lackey. How rude. Good luck healing/climbing.

KaB said...

God...Directors...arrogant twats! They're good at what they do blah blah but don't ask them to do something for you...jus like but it's a mission!

It annoys me incessantly...that they can't pull their fingers out from the depths of their bottoms to do something helpful!

As for the climbing...sjoe but you're brave! And behave yourself with that you'll have a finger injury & then what...we have to wait for weeks & weeks till you write your next post!

Haiwenna sweetie!

happy snapper said...

Yay, you're back!
But sorry bout the injury :( Are you waddling kind of?

But you go get that climbing wall thingie (when you're better) and show it who's boss! :)

As for that Director. What a twat. He sounds like a complete diva.
"Get over it! YOu're not that special!"

sweets said...

Sport: 5+
Indoor: 5a, 5b
Trad: HS4c's MAX!

that is a language unknown to me :)

men should be spanked more, it would solve many many problems!

MsMozi said...

Miss M - I'm afraid that grading is another language to me too...

Only doing sport at this stage, but FD is dying to get me on trad, we just need a rack, which is apparently insanely pricey. I've only lead one climb, but need overcome that fear and start doing it more often!

kyknoord said...

"I don't understand why so many Directors act like spoilt children"
Come on, how long have you worked in television?

The Divine Miss M said...

@msmozi - Ah yes you're climbing between a 5a and 5b (UK) and 6+ (French) very nice :) I can only top rope that, I can't lead it. Way too scared! You go girl :)

@pdx - Apparently injuries are just par for the course, all good :)

@kab - I've already got a finger injury, I stretched a ligament in my left hand a month or so again. Was painful!

Ja directors are wankers. I hate them. ALL OF THEM!

@Blondie - Good plan! I'm loving it

@working girl - POOR YOU!!!! I'm not the total office lackey, but sometimes people forget that!

@meghan - I might have to try that. Ta love :)

@snapper - Just limping rather pathetically. Nothing hectic.

@sweets - Can I spank them all?

@kyk - Actually

"I don't understand why all men have to act like children" :P

Mike said...

You know what prima donnas like?

Things shoved up their bung hole. Big things. Sideways.

He'll thank you for the chair, really, he will.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

That Director is an ass! Lackey? You ain’t no lackey, darlin’. You are indispensible!

Besides climbing up walls, do you ever do any repelling down them? (Intentionally I mean).

The Divine Miss M said...

@mike - Ja I can so see that going the right way ...

@nick - Thanks honey :)

Ya we do occaisonally. Jailbait is trying to set up some abseils actually and when we go to Sardinia in July some of the climbs you have to abseil down to get to. Abseiling is GREAT fun!