Monday, 12 May 2008

Someone forgot their happy pills ...

I do love catching a Development junkie when they are having an off day.

Usually our conversations go along the line of this:

Miss M: Hey dude, hows work?

Development Junkie: Said in the most upbeat voice you can imagine Absolutely brilliant. We're working on some amazing new shows!

Miss M: Oh really? Good to hear

Development Junkie: They are going to WONDERFUL on TV, the commissioners are going to get their socks knocked off!

This gone on for some time whilst they blow their own horn about how brilliant they are.

Friday was different.

I think I encountered one when he was just having the worst day possible. Or he was disillusioned with his own brilliance

Miss M: Hey dude, how you doing today?

Development Junkie: Monotone voice I'm ok

Miss M: Hows development going? Got any good new shows on the go?

Development Junkie: Some good shit, some bad shit - basically just shit.

Well I wasn't expected THAT!

Good to have someone be honest for a change though isn't it?


happy snapper said...

aah man, sounds oh so familiar.
and I guess people get tired of the automatic response of "Im fine thanks, how are you?", when really, you feel like shit in a burning plastic bag. poor bugger.
hope you're doing ok though Miss M? x

The Divine Miss M said...

I'm alright thanks my love :)

Still grappling with some personal stuff but I'll get over it!

Hows you?

happy snapper said...

Ah, I hear you hun! Im doin some sorting of my own...but hopefully soon I'll have clarity. :)

Hope you sort through your stuff soon as well. Its gets tiring grappling for a long time.

Hugs to you! :)

The Divine Miss M said...

Ah thanks hon :)

*hugs right back atcha*

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

The dude’s honesty surprised me, too!

The Divine Miss M said...

@Nick - Ye I love it. Hardly ever happens!

The Chronicles of a Fashionista in PDX said...

eeewww.. i despise those enthusiastic types sometimes. i question the kind of crazy pills they're taking.

Meghan said...

I love people who throw it out there like it is. It's refreshing in a PR based professional world.

sweets said...

yeah shit happens :)

Lopz said...

I'm going to try that....

"Lopz, how are you?"

"Shit. Everything's just shit. Work is shit, life is shit, I think I might kill myself."

How fast would I lose my office friends?

The Divine Miss M said...

@pdx - They slip it in your coffee here

@meghan - It is isn't it? I hate fakeness!

@sweets - Lots and lots and lots and lots of shit is appears ;)

@lopz - Damn I so am going to try that tomorrow morning! I wonder what the reactions will be like?!?!

MsMozi said...

I've discovered a similar soul set amongst the so-super-happy-and-enthusiastic-we-can-hardly-breathe PR people at a government sponsored marketing company. I love him and all his blessed exhaustion and cynicism - not sure what this says about me!