Thursday, 22 May 2008

So busy I might explode

My day has been absurd.

I think that I average between 60-80 emails a day and these are not random spam or entertainment emails (those would push it up well over 100) but emails asking my for my assistance or informing me of a change in something.

At the moment I am juggling 4 different edits and let me tell you the multi tasking is going to be the death of me.

They all are demanding my attention. I don't know who to prioritise. I get to my desk in the mornings and there are already about 10 emails from all 4 edits urgently needing something. The first 2 hours of my day were spent sorting that out whilst a 100 other things piled up to be done. I get on top of one thing and it is just another thing that they need.

Hot Edit Producer and I had a minor falling out today. Well in my head.

He is one of those people who needs their hand held for everything and I was not having the day to do so.

I mean seriously.

He emails me to find out if certain rushes are in his Avid.

In order to find out I have to

1) Call the post production co-ordinator
2) Who then calls the Machine Room
3) Who then have to speak to the person who did the transfer
4) Who then has to call up the post production co-ordinator to tell her if they have been done
5) Who then has to call me
6) Who then has to call Hot Editor Producer


But for some reason he is not capable of doing so and needs 4 million other people to assist him with this.


He is NOT my favourite person at the moment considering that this has happen about 5 times today.


The Chronicles of a Fashionista in PDX said...

All men need their hands held. AND the fact that they're unable to multi task, too.

See, women really ARE the heroes and men are the damsels.

Pusher Robot said...

Apparently there are some things that even pastries can't fix huh?

KaB said...

Dude...he doesn't show initiative!

Imagine how bad he must be in the bedroom then!!!

*sigh* moving swiftly along to your next specimen of prey!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

5 times in one day? Dude sounds as if he's obsessive.

sweets said...

miss m... he is trying EVERYTHING and ANYTHING to make as much contact with you as he can...



happy snapper said...

Hmm.....either he's a whiny mammas boy...or he really IS trying to make as much contact with you as Sweets said.

Not sure...its a toss up. Maybe that lunch will give you a better idea as to his motives.

kyknoord said...

Is the honeymoon is well and truly over?
Can Hot Edit Producer survive his failure in the Lame-Ass test?
Stay tuned...

KaB said...

kyk - ROFL

Miss M - dude, just jump the guy...lay your cards on the table & if he doesn't jump on your hot arse then you know you don't have to waste anymore of your oh-so fabulous time on him!

The Divine Miss M said...

@pdx - Yes, men will be the death of me!

@pusher robot - Yes, pastries would not have made that better.

@kab - I KNOW!!!! I was considering that too!!! Plus hot men tend not to be because they don't really need to put much effort in do they??

@nick - Either that or just incredibly lazy

@sweets - Ya I wish but I honestly think he just likes getting people to do things for him.

@snapper - good plan, I must make this lunch happen!

@kyk - Coming up tomorrow in The Adventures of Miss M ... Miss M throttles the Hot Edit Producer

@kab - Ya I'm not that brave hey ...

KaB said...

Whatever...all women have it in them to lay down the's all a game in the end & we're all players!

Anyone can do something if they put their mind to it!

Elise said...


Seriously some guys just don't know the best way of getting attention.

I guess this is his method... not a very good one but... at least he's trying!


Supanova said...

I sooo agree with sweets - he's totaly tryna get your attention! Courtesy of Miss Congeniality:

I think he liiiikes you
He thinks you're gorrrrrgeous
He wants to kiiiiiiss you
Love you and Maaaarry you!
*wink, wink*

leez said...

He does like you but unlike the rest I don't think he's trying to get your attention. Maybe seeing how far you're willing to go.

Anyway next time he asks you for something arb, smile sweetly and say "anything else whilst we're at it? a bottle? a cookie or do you want me to hold your hand when you go wee wee?"

Just a suggestion.

The Divine Miss M said...

@elise - Possibly... I'm too tired to think about it today!

@supernova - shush child ;)

@leez - I so could get in lots of trouble for talking to a Producer like that!!!

Supanova said...

LMAO @ Leez's suggestion! Too funny!

The Blonde Blogshell said...


So...been catching up and I have *blush* missed your blog!!
Don't tell anyone :-)

Miss P said...

Please please do what Leez suggests! Or at the very least, ask if he wants fries with that.
You wont lose your job, they may shout at you, but wont the comedic value be worth it? ;-)

The Divine Miss M said...

@blondie - Awww honey I missed you too ;)

@miss p - I'll think about it. But if I get fired you going to sponsor me?!