Thursday, 17 April 2008

Thank Goodness It's Friday

My three colleagues and I seem to all have had the same illness. Some more than others. The joy of mine was horrible stomach cramps and the desire to throw up for about 48 hours. My Production Manager and Series Producer seem to have had the symptoms for a bit longer and are slightly worried about them.

The lovely Production Manager has even gone to the doctors to have blood tests to find out what is wrong. He has now spend the past 24 hours utterly convinced that he is going to die.

We've been researching the various illness's that he could possibly have via the pills he's taken and the blood tests that have been done.

We've narrowed it down to pancreatitis or gastric flu.

Neither are very nice.

But neither are life threatening.

However he is still panicking. Especially as the doctor has asked him to come in so they can go over his results. I think he thinks he is going to die.

A gay Production Manager who thinks he is going to die is providing me with many a good giggle.

Miss M: Notices that he has gone a shade of white What's wrong?!

Production Manager: Oh my god, do you think I could have Insert bizarre tropical disease in here? I've got some of the symptoms!

Miss M: Have you been to the Amazon of late?

Production Manager: No ...

Miss M: Then I think you're fine

Production Manager: But I have the symptoms!

Miss M: Sighs I think we'd know if you had Insert bizarre tropical disease in here

Today is not the day to try and play with Miss M. I have a raging hangover due to a VERY drunken night out with Lopz, Fire Poi Boi and The Queen of Melodrama/High School Obsession.

Granted it was one hell of a brilliant night but not very conducive to work.

Lopz and I keep emailing/texting each other silly things we saw/did last night.

We're special.


KaB said...

And that's what makes it so much more fun...the recollections of a fab night gone by with your girlfriends!

Hurrah for you!

As for the gay producer dude...what a screaming shoud've played along & teased him a may have been worth a laugh!

Hope you're feeling better hun!

The Divine Miss M said...

Ye I should have shouldn't I? He's heading out to the doctors in about 15 minutes, still have time left! MUAHAHAHA

Ye feeling better. Just eating my way through the hangover ;)

Lopz and I were really bad on the travel home actually. We attempting to see how much we could insert the word "dude" into our conversation. I also remember trying to convince a hotdog sales man to give me a hotdog for the Australian Idols Teeshirt I have. He wouldn't go for it. Then Lopz almost fell down the esculator. Then we fell asleep on each other and almost missed our stop.

Plus we danced like whores. Was wonderful ;)

Elise said...

He sounds like a male version of Bimbo...

I would have played along.

God I sound evil today! xx

KaB said...

Ah sounds like far too much fun...pooh!

The Divine Miss M said...

Don't worry honey, you'll be here soon and we guarentee there will be more nights like that ;)

Lopz is A SCREAM!

Meghan said...

What a fun night sounds worth the hangover.

As far as the producer goes, see if he'll believe he has scurvy for shits and giggles :P

Mike said...

Tell him he has SARS.

If you don't know what that is, google it.

SARS had Canada locked down and mad at china for months ;)

Amy said...

Ironically, SARS is the name of our income tax service.

happy snapper said...

hahaha! You sound like you had an awesome night out. Damn, I love those. And they always tend to happen at the spur of the moment.
So who won the "dude inserting" contest :)

You're gay producer dude (that one's for you Miss M) is frikkin hilarious! I would've definately played along! ha ha

The Blonde Blogshell said...

OOoh nooo!! You MUST be pregnant, because anyone our age who vomits, can ONLY BE pregnant! Hahaha!!

That's what i got!

Oh dear! I really hope you feel better soon angel xxx
I normally tell people that chicken noodle soup is the way to go, when you're sick...but I'm sure you don't want to taste it twice! x

Lopz said...

See how bad I was on Friday - I never even got round to reading your blog! You are absolutely evil, and I love it. Just posted my account of Thursday night... go check it out. I TOTALLY forgot about the dude thing!

kyknoord said...

C'mon, don't keep us in suspense. Did he die?

The Divine Miss M said...

@Lopz - DUDE how could you ;)

@kyk - He survived. Now off to New York tomorrow. I want presents.

@blondie - Unless it is the immaculate conception I think I'm safe ;) Oooo I could be having the next son of god ...

@happy snapper - Dude I don't know ...

@amy and mike - I'd like neither SARS thank you very much!

@meghan - I might just start dropping random things in conversation and see if I can convince him ;)