Monday, 14 April 2008

I can't be satisfied can I?

Things aren't that exciting at work at the moment.

I got what I wished for - a show - but it isn't the most fulfilling one. I feel like I'm just going through the motions. I can do this job backwards and at the moment it isn't inspiring me.

I have until the end of June on this show but I'm wondering if I can even stick it out until then. It's tedious. Granted I get to start at 10am and actually leave at 6pm which gives me plenty of time to indulge in climbing after work and actually get away for the weekend but I need something more than that.

I want to be so busy I am run off my feet. I like working late and getting things done. I love the urgency of TV. I love the insanity. I thrive on it.

Jailbait got mad at me on Sunday when I told him about a show I want to put myself forward for. It would be a promotion but it would mean working solidly for 3 weeks until midnight without a day as it is a live studio show. For my career it would be amazing. For my social life it would be death.

I guess I'm just bored?


Meghan said...

Well it sounds like the long hours could be worth the career advancement and payout in the end. But then again missing sunshine and climbing sucks.

I say go for the advancement. The rocks will wait.

sweets said...

maybe you're just motivated? if you want to do it, do it, it's only 3 weeks ;)

misstig said...

Do it!!Its 3 weeks,you will feel like you have achieved something,the experience is awesome,and you might be tired enough for awhile afterwards to not feel restless....

The Divine Miss M said...

Ye, the show isn't until later this year but it what I want to achieve next. Need to let the HR lady know that I want to do it.


I just want to feel motivated now!

@meghan - I'd miss Jailbait :(

@sweets - 3 weeks is a while :(

@misstig - So true ... we'll see!

KaB said...

Do the show...sounds exciting too!

There is nothing worse that not being inspired with your job!

And like Meghan said...the rocks will wait! You're not getting do the career thing! You never know what may come round the corner!

And Miss M...get excited...I'm coming to town & the funbus rocks!

The Divine Miss M said...

Well I have to convince the HR woman to give me a shot at this! It isn't until August or something like that and I have to convince her that I can do the job! Never done studio you see.

You're so right Kab, we're going to have a blast!

Lopz and I are off drinking on Thursday with our mutual friend - The Queen of Melodrama - soon that'll be us ;)

Craig said...

3 weeks is really not a big deal to achieve something that may be worth its weight in gold. Go for it :)

Lopz said...

Oh dear, what a pickle! I agree with the majority opinion tho - Jailtbait and the rocks aren;t going anywhere, and this show is short, so therefore a good opportunity that doesn't remove you from the social scene forever. The only crap thing is that it's in August. August is just about the best summer month here, and you'll miss a lot of events.

Give it a shot, see what happens. I'll give you my full length inspirational pep talk on thursday. Can't wait - although I'm a bit scared!

Mike said...

Buy a pair of fundies and spend the weekends in them with jailbait.

That'll alleviate some boredom.


MidniteGem said...

You def have to go for this opportunity !!! grab it with both hands and try something different. You have a great name there so use it and explore your capibilities !!
Plus us friends and the rock will def still be here afterwards so your social life is intact! :)

The Blonde Blogshell said...

It is the classic case of: What next? What else?

I'm exactly the same... it's not necessarily that you're not satisfied, it's more a case of: I'm really driven and I want to do so much in my life! I think it's ambitious and lovely!! YOU GO, MISS M!!

happy snapper said...

Go for the show! I can completely relate to how you're feeling with regards to work. There's nothing worse than feeling uninspired and bored at work. It knocks your motivation. If that show is something that you will enjoy doing, regardless of the hours, and it will be good for your career, then GO FOR IT!
you only live once hey :)
And you deserve to enjoy what you do everyday for a living.

The Chronicles of a Fashionista in PDX said...

Hey girl :) I am like you. I also have a need to be loaded with work and work long hours. You're at a point in your life where career comes first, so take the promotion.

Anonymous said...

I asked my magic 8-ball whether you should give it a try, but it was undecided. "Too early to tell", it said. Useless piece of junk.