Monday, 7 April 2008

What are my working hours again?

About a month ago I was helping out on a show that needed me to contact some Media students at different Universities around England to see if anyof them would be able to canvas for contributors. I was the main point of contact.

That was a month ago.

You'd think that they'd stop calling by now.

But they don't.

And the worst part to it is that they seem to have no sense of propriety. They call me at all hours on any given day. That is the part that I don't get. If you are looking for a job - regardless of your age and experience - you call the person during work hours; am I correct?

Not these people. I get called at 8am in the morning, 10pm at night, texted/sms'd at any time and they don't even use my work number they've been going straight for the cell/mobile!

Last night one of them called me at 2130. Yes folks half past nine on a Sunday evening one month past the intial advertisement!

I was probably a bit rude

Miss M's mobile rings with it's obnoxious tone

Miss M: Wondering what random number is calling her at this time Hello, Miss M speaking.

Stupid annoying horrid student: Hi there, I'm calling in response to your advertisement about runner work on the (TV show)

Miss M: Harsh, rude cold voice Look I'm sorry, do you mind calling me back during working hours? It is 930pm on a Sunday evening, I'm at home and have absolutely nothing with me in regards to this. It is a working time question.

Stupid annoying horrid student: Scared little voice I'm sorry. I will call back then.

Miss M: Good night.

Sorry folks but Miss M does NOT like being disturbed for anything other than a drastic work emergency on a Sunday evening.

Plus she was interrupting my special dinner cooked by the housemate and his girlfriend.

How dare she.

P.s: Climbing with Jailbait did happen. Two of us out on the rocks on Saturday. Had to return on Sunday due to snow, yes folks snow on the 6th of April in England. Absolutely mental. About 15cm's of it! Back out there this coming weekend though. This is addictive!


The Chronicles of a Fashionista in PDX said...

What the hell are students thinking? Do they not have any sense of etiquette?

How did it go with Jailbait? Did nothing happen between you to? Does he still have a girlfriend?

I need to get back into climbing!

The Divine Miss M said...

Nothing happened with us. Nothing will, we're just two really good friends - one of whom really likes the other one!


He is still with his girlfriend.

Yes you do! And get outdoors, it is AMAZING!

Meghan said...

Way to stand up to the silly callers. How rude! I hope it didn't ruin an otherwise lovely meal.

bangersandnash said...

I refuse to answer unknown numbers after "work" hours. and withheld numbers...please! if they don't leave a message it's their fault.

seeing as you did answer you should have told the idiot they had the job and that they called at just the right time - someone is needed at the office RIGHT away, it's an emergency.

sweets said...

i always just wonder what actually goes on in someone's head who does that... if it was a friend or family it would be ok but for work???? sunday night???? after 9pm????

happy snapper said...

How annoying! I share in your pain though...I was recently working on a magazine (the hell that it put me through could never be described in words), and I had clients calling me at 10pm on a Saturday evening too...I wish I could have told her where to stick it, in my rudest tone, except she was a client. sucky :( and I was a little more than tipsy too...
Good on you though!

And regarding the snow..AWESOME! I've never seen proper snow :( sad I know...only about a centimetre of flakes.
Enjoy it!!

The Divine Miss M said...

@meghan - the meal was wonderful thanks. Housemate and his girlfriend were competing for who can cook the best and I was the taster ;)

@bangers - nice idea, unfortunately I had to answer as it might have been someone from the shoot that was going out yesterday. No choice.

@Sweets - I KNOW!!!! They are complete idiots! Seriously! They'll never make it in the working world.

Happy snapper - I answered it cause I thought it could have been a team member and then I have to answer it regardless of the hour so I feel your pain :(

Snow is wonderful, but not on the 6th of April when you're wanting to be climbing!

KaB said...

Oh my...people have no boundaries! You know our family friend who died...well my managers knew that I wouldn't be at work on the day of the funeral, yet my boss phoned me three times just before & our Change Manager phoned me non-stop all morning! As well messaged me! All this while I was trying to sift through emotion & having to buck up the courage to say a euology! I ignored all the phonecalls!

Well done on putting your foot down though...snot-nosed little buggers!

happy snapper said...

oh ok, I understand your snow dilema now :) Are there any indoor climbing arenas? maybe that could be your subsitute until the weather plays nice?

The Divine Miss M said...

@happy snapper - Ye there are a couple and I'm a member of one but we were already out there and it was just thoroughly annoying. It was forecasted but Jailbait and I never thought it would ACTUALLY snow! I'm at the indoor places 3 or 4 times a week usually ;)

@kab - In a situation like that I'd either turn my phone off or let it go to answer phone, listen to the message and then decide whether it is important enough or not!

Amy said...

Kab - if that had been me, I would have answered, and said "I'm at a funeral - have some respect". What is wrong with people? That's just the height of insensitivity.

Miss M - I know how you feel with the phonecalls. Some random idiot at work gave out my cell number (private, not company phone) on a call for propsals and I got all sorts of calls from potential bidders at all hours of the morning, and evening. Never 9:30 though!

The Divine Miss M said...

@amy - that's horrible! Mine is always my personal phone number, I feel like I'm shackled to my phone actually.

This past weekend I left my phone in the car whilst we were climbing and didn't look at it for over 12 hours. It didn't even bother me. Was AMAZING!

The Chronicles of a Fashionista in PDX said...

I'm tagging you. See my blog to find out what this means.