Thursday, 3 April 2008

My idea of hell

Just because you're busy does not necessarily mean that it is all going to be fun. At the moment I am ready to shoot myself. I am in rushes hell.

RUSHES - The raw footage that comes back from the filming day in the form of numerous different tapes depending on what cameras were used at the time

They then need to be sorted through, labelled up, put into the tape log, double checked that everything is there and then sent to Post Production.

This would be fine if there was only a couple of them but we are shooting with a massive crew and there are loads! Seriously! Far too many!

Plus we are using this new system called Cinegy where the rushes are immediately logged into the wonderful system where we can view them in DVD quality and there is no pesky need for logging off of a VHS so I am trying to get my mind around using this wonderful tool too.

It's exhausting.

Did I mention how much I hate rushes?

It's ironic that I hate them so much considering that the rushes are what make the show as they are the footage. But I seriously could do without them.

Although that means I could do without TV.

Oh I'm confusing myself now!

P.s I'm going climbing with Jailbait again this weekend but this time we are camping! I don't camp! I hate camping! There is no toilet! Oh my god! Can I survive this?!


Natalie said...

Good luck with the camping! I hate camping too! Yash!

The Divine Miss M said...

Camping is evil. Plus we're not even really camping. We're taking sleeping bags and sleeping out in the climbing area. There is no abolution block or anything.

I'm terrified!

KaB said...

I love camping but as long as there is a loo! Haiwenna, we once did the Orange River thing on canoes for 5 days...we had to place sticks where we went to the loo for a you know what!!! It was so funny, the girls waited for as long as possible...god it was not lekker (only that part of the trip though, the rest was unbelievable!)

The rushes sound scary...breathe & think that it's going to take you one step further in your TV career...positive, happy thoughts are good!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Oh dear...camping...shudder!
Rushes...shudder some more!

The Chronicles of a Fashionista in PDX said...

I don't think it's the lack of toilet you'll have to worry about. LOL Camping can be fun!! And it can be romantic!! :)

The Divine Miss M said...

Update - am no longer camping because the stupid Jailbait managed to get his van clamped from not paying the car tax.

We are now going for a day trip on the Saturday with another 2 people.

One of whom drives me absolutely and utterly mental.

She really does. I can not explain this anymore to you.


Oh my god.

Elise said...

Don't do it for more than one night!

Honestly camping is great for a night. You'll build a fire, watch the stars and do all the other romantic stuff... T

he next day you'll feel like crap. That's when its time to go home and have a long shower.. xx

Lopz said...

Aaaah, you can't hate camping! It completely goes with your personality - you're a camper! You're just in the cloest. Come out!!!

Lopz said...

Erm, CLOSET. There.

Meghan said...

After giving in to camping, I can say I've found it to be fun. For EXACTLY 24 hours. Good luck!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Hmmmm…You seem to be involved in a lot of stuff you “hate” at the moment. I wonder why.

kyknoord said...

So you've gone from bad to another kind of bad? On the bright side, at least you'll get some climbing done: the person who drives you mental will have you climbing the walls - albeit metaphorically.

Mike said...

Don't bring anything with perfume in it, including deoderant.

Hang your toothpaste and all food and toiletry items from a tree at night.

Bears are attracted to all that stuff.

You do have bears up there right?

P.S. Bears are attracted to women on the rag too. God knows why! I run ;)

Toby Hanks said...

So you'd rather go with the person who drives you mental than camping? I'd take an annoying person over bugs, no loo and dirt any old day. Just give the person some sedatives in his/her drink. . .that should keep him/her off your back.