Thursday, 24 April 2008

Work being too close to home

I had a disturbing moment this evening on my way home from work.

I discovered that a work colleague from my floor literally lives around the corner from me. We smiled at each other on the train, we laughed at the bus stop and then had a chat about the area on the bus route - we both found it strange when we got off at the same stop and then we realised that we live about a 3 minute walk from each other.

In theory there is nothing wrong with that.

But it completely destroys those moments that I use the public transport as an excuse for my inability to get to work on time.

Day 1

Miss M: Sorry there were bad delays on my train this morning

Day 2

Miss M: The station was shut due to over crowding this morning

Day 3

Miss M: Someone got ill on the train and we were held up for 30 minutes

Day 4

Miss M: Stupid trains, they are always delayed!

So yes, if she overhears me say this she'll know I'm lying!

Oh no paranoia is kicking in now!

Plus if I ever pull a sickie now I'll be nervous about going out in Wombletown in case I run into her.

The unreliable London public transport has always been the best excuse for an extra lie in with a hangover or the general lack of desire to leave your warm bed.

Damn. Foiled again.


sweets said...

try these...

or get yourself an afro wig and some huge sunglasses...

oh that sucks!!

The Divine Miss M said...

Oh I love it sweets! You are a genius!

Yes it does suck. However she isn't in yet this morning, wonder if she pulls the same tricks as me?!?!

KaB said...

Look at it this way, if you do ever pull a sickie or get caught lying & she spills the now know where she lives...there are many a thing one can do in order to 'persuade' someone to shut the fuck up next time!

happy snapper said...

ha ha ha! You're classic miss M!

well, look at this way...she probably deos pull the same tricks as you...and if she spills on you, you can spill on her, so technically, you guys should call a truce, have an aliance or something, you know? Like a, scratch my back i'll scratch yours, except its more of, i'll keep your job, if you keep mine :)

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's time to form a non-disclosure pact?

The Blonde Blogshell said...

You are HYSTERICAL!!!! Oh my! That,!
Hmmm...yes...I think a pact needs to be formed!

Lopz said...

You can come hide at my house. We can trundle around wombletown in disguise. We'll wear our Australian Idol t-shirts!

Mike said...

Or, you know, you could do the mature thing and show up to work on time, for the most part.

'Just sayin :P

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Perhaps you and your co-worker/neighbor can coordinate stories and both enjoy coming to work late.

Meghan said...

Work out a system with the coworker. Possibly with walkie talkies. That would be cool.

Tricia said...

Make her your best friend, get in cahoots, cover each other's "lies"! It's the perfect cover! LOL

Working Girl Two said...

haha that is hilarious!

this happened to me too -- there are three girls from work who live by me and i can longer say that the bus was late because they are usually on the same one. argh. so frustrating!