Wednesday, 23 April 2008

You work on what show?!?

We all seem to hold our shows in such high regards over here.

I went for a coffee (and yummy biscuit) catch up with my old Production Manager and fellow co-ordinator this afternoon which was really nice. They are some of the only people that I actually feel the need to continue connecting with after our show ended and I enjoy our chats.

This afternoon we sat around the table and completely trashed our new respective shows. It filled us with such warm glows. But in retrospect we should have more faith and respect for the shows we work on shouldn't we? We shouldn't consider them to be utter crap.

Co-ordinator: So our show was supposed to be put up against Gordon Ramsey but they've decided to change the airing time.

Production Manager: I don't really blame them, that is a good show.

Miss M: You can't go up against Gordon, I mean (the show) is really good - you'll get panned!

Co-ordinator: I know!

Miss M: Hey least you're not working on my show - our biggest scoop has been two men trapped down a well. That will be fantastic prime time viewing

All of us pack up laughing

Production Manager: Well my show is so amazing that we can't even find any contributors to be on it. High class tv we work on hey girls?

Miss M: Well it pays the bills

Co-ordinator: Sometimes I wouldn't mind working on a high brow show ...

Miss M: But then we couldn't have conversations like this!

Giggling ensues

We then proceeded to trash a couple of work colleagues and continued on this wonderful catch up.

It got me to thinking though how I can love my job so much but actively despise the shows that I work on. Sometimes I'm embarrassed to admit that my name is attached to them because they really are utter crap.

But the British public still watch them.

And I still get paid.


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Utter crap? Maybe it’s all of the “realty shows” on BBC America that have me primarily watching something else.

The Divine Miss M said...

Oh wow I hate reality TV shows but the British public eat them up and they pay my bills so I can't really complain.

You won't catch me watching them though!

Meghan said...

I'm your target audience for these shows:P

sweets said...

and you still love doing your job... the bigger picture as my mama always says :)

The Divine Miss M said...

@meghan - You sad, sad soul ;)

@sweets - So true, but sometimes - only sometimes - I wish I could be proud of my work!

KaB said...

And the world still continues to move round!

All good things come to those who wait...hold on to your toes...I reckon something fab is waiting around the corner :)

Elise said...

The British public will watch anything! Big Brother. Why the hell would anyone want to watch other people sitting in a house? It gets viewers though.. and freaky fans that go see the live eviction.

You love your job and it shows through your writing. It's so exciting being part of the TV industry. xx

The Divine Miss M said...

@kab - Unfortunately ;)

@Elise - I've been to a live election once, we got special tickets as I knew someone working on it. Got to meet Russel Brand. He creeps me out. Would NEVER go again.

It is exciting :)

happy snapper said...

well its great that you still love what you do, but I understand what you mean about wanting to feel proud of your work. I have similar feelings at the moment, but not in advertising...and design. I have purposefully left some things out of my portfolio now while Im prepping for interviews...

Like Kab said...good things come to those who wait. Im sure you'll find something soon that you will love to work on, and be proud at the same time.
And hey, the payslip still comes ;)

The Divine Miss M said...

Ye, the payslip this month just about covers the cost of mine and Jailbait's ticket to Cape Town at the end of the year!

Miss M is in her overdraft and it is going to take a couple of months until she is out of it!

Or when Jailbait pays me back.

But we got good ticket prices and are coming to Cape Town to climb in December! (And see the rents, friends and others of course!)

kyknoord said...

Just imagine how crappy the show would be if you weren't working on it.

The Divine Miss M said...

Aww kyk - you're going to make me blush!

Amy said...

Okay, now I'm dying to know what show you're working on. British TV is generally awful, although the police dramas tend to be quite good.