Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Miss M has a big head

Ring ring

Miss M: Hello Miss M speaking

Executive Producer: Hi Miss M, this is The Big Boss speaking. I was wondering if you could pop up to my office for a chat if you have a minute.

Miss M: Shitting herself that her lack of work and blog has been discovered Of course, I'll be right up!

Runs up the 3 flights of stairs and arrives with a pumping heart and clammy palms.

Executive Producer: Miss M, it is so nice to finally meet you. I've heard so much about you!

Miss M: Slightly warily - could this be a trick? Good to meet you too Big Boss. I hope you had a good Easter weekend.

Executive Producer: I did thank you. Now your show just got cancelled didn't it?

Miss M: That it did.

Executive Producer: Well I was wondering what you thought of this. We are looking for a very experienced person to work on a show that is on going at the moment. It would be for 3 months and involve a lot of post production paperwork. We need someone who is on the ball and you come highly recommended. In fact, whenever your name is mentioned everyone goes "Oh Miss M, she is brilliant!"

Miss M: Goes bright red Wow, that is so nice to hear.

Executive Producer: And it is really nice to be able tell you that. I also have heard that you should be looking at a promotion soon and that is why we need you for this show - we want someone who can do the job backwards and we can rely on completely.

Miss M: Completely embarrassed Well yes, that would be great. Wow, I can't believe that people say that about me!

Executive Producer: You should do. Well I will just check with everyone that is all fine and hopefully we can start you on that tomorrow. The team is lovely and I'm sure you are going to have a blast.

Miss M: Thanks, it was really good to meet you properly!





Amy said...

Of course people love you! You are the coolest!

Meghan said...

Congratulations. To throw out my fav Simpsoms quote...
"It's all coming up, Milhouse!"

The Divine Miss M said...

@amy - Aw fanks hon :)

@meghan - That it is. That it is.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Fabulous! Wonderful! Outstanding! Spectacular! Splendid! Cool! Groovy! You are all of that and you certainly deserved the job and the show!

bangersandnash said...

NICE one!
You are one step closer to living the dream!

KaB said...

Fabulous...I told you that all would be alright...you're such a drama queen...lol!

Congrats, am so happy for you! I hope you're nursing a sore head from a well celebrated night out!


Piss: you've been tagged...now do it!

The Divine Miss M said...

@nick - That is so sweet :) The world is just full of compliments at the moment!

@bangersnnash - I so am already living mine, maintaining it is just hard!

@kab - I'm so pathetic, I went home and watched TV shows that I missed over the weekend.

I am a total drama queen, it is the only way to live!

Why do people insist on tagging me in things?!?!

Glugster said...

Congrats. You obviously deserve it!

The Divine Miss M said...

@glug - Ta hon :)

Anonymous said...

Now that you're "in" with the boss, maybe they'll tell you where the secret prayer room is.

The Divine Miss M said...

Damn kyk good thinking.

Lopz said...

How's the new show, have you started? Congrats hun xxx

Carol said...

I just came over from Nick's place. Thanks for your good thought re my surgery.

Wow! How fun to come in on the action right after you've gotten all kinds of wonderful compliments and a new show to work on!

Congratulations! Looking forward to the continuing adventures.