Thursday, 20 March 2008

Fight through the stress Miss M

I took a day off yesterday to get all the things that I didn't achieve last weekend done in preparation for the climbing break this weekend. Was quite nice actually, very chilled and I accomplished loads including buying some pretty equipment which colour co-ordinates quite well with my harness, shoes and chalk bag.

The staff members at the climbing store thought I was way too girly to be climbing but they'll see. Oh they will see.

But more to the point I got into the office this morning to a wonderful email from my Manager.

Morning ladies

(The show) has been put on hold until further notice until we can find the right presenter for the show. So our little team have been given a 2 week notice (apart from us 3 of course) hopefully (The boss) will be finding other stuff for the guys though.

So I presume that you will be seeing (the boss) probably after Easter to find out what you are doing next.

What a shame hey was looking forward to (The show) oh well you never know.... Maybe it will start again in the near future and we can all work together again.

Have a great Easter break ladies.

Isn't that just wonderful?

I am now show less.

But hopefully not jobless. Even though they have extended my contract if there isn't another show for me to go on they can also give me 2 weeks notice to find another job. The other 2 people spoken about in the above email are staff so they can't be gotten rid of.

Oh wow just in time for me to spend the weekend stressing about whether or not I'll have a job in the next 2 weeks.

Sometimes I wonder why I don't pack it all in and get myself a "real" job.


Lopz said...

Because you love it, despite the insecurity and fragility of it all.

And anyway, you can't spend the whole weekend stressing - you are going climbing with some awesome, beautiful boys and girls in your brand new girly gear (can't wait to see it!)....don't think about work! Just think about how cool you're gonna look ;-)

The Divine Miss M said...

Thanks lopz.

I know, I'll try not to stress the WHOLE weekend.

Watching Jailbait climb will help that.

KaB said...

Oh don't be so silly & stop jumping to conclusions!

You're going away this weekend...don't you dare think of work & rather enjoy yourself! Stress when you get back!

Have fun & be very careful!

The Divine Miss M said...

So true Kab!

They won't get rid of me! hehee

Lopz said...

That's what I'm talking about - just think about sex all weekend and before you know it you'll be like, what job? Oh oops, that was actually quite a bad pun... sorry chicken!

Mike said...

What lopz said - some people that think about sex all the time, well, it is their job! :P

Lopz said...

@Mike - you mean like whores?

The Divine Miss M said...


Damn yes Jailbait does scream sex most of the time. He can't help it though, he is only 21 with the most gorgeous body ever.


Last night he told me that my mouth wasn't big enough for his penis. (yes there was a prior conversation to that as I can fit my fist in my mouth) That led to many giggles and a sort of challenge.

However we're trying to figure out how we can prove it without it being sexual.

Since he does have a girlfriend and isn't interested in me like that.

We're in a stalemate at the moment.

The Chronicles of a Fashionista in PDX said...

New gear and matching, no less! Nice! :) I bet you look cute! :)

Okay, that is impressive if you can fit your fist in your mouth! Maybe you can get a dildo.. that he thinks is his size and try that.. ? LOL Although, he might exaggerate the actual size that he may not be.. Hmmm...

The Divine Miss M said...

Yes PDX I look soooo beautiful with my gear :)

Hmmm ... there is an idea! Hehehe

Naah the two of us are just terribly dirty minded!

Meghan said...

Have fun climbing rock faces with Jailbait.

Is it called spotting if you're just checking out someone's ass? Just curious ;)

The Divine Miss M said...

It is in my world Megan. Oh it is.

Lopz said...

He wants you - he's just too chaste to admit it. Sexsexsexsexsex. Yopu should write a new climbimg sex blog, bet it would be the only one on the web.

Sorry, I've had WAY too much to drink at lunch... will go and crawl into a hole now. ;-)

The Divine Miss M said...


Naah he doesn't want me, I told you we had The Discussion the other week and he isn't interested.

Plus he has The Girlfriend.

Yey for you being drunk :)

Lopz said...

Kaaaaak, he's just being a blinkered mail. Erm, male. He only THINKS he doesn't want you, but he likes to make jokes about your mouth on his penis. Feck the discussion - I give his relationship 2 more months at the most! Perhaps this is drunken bravado, but listen to the soft ring of truth in my brazen words. Ok, really going home now. Am of no use to anyone here... except maybe you. ;-)

Lopz said...

Wait did I imagine the mouth-penis thing? Can't seem to find mention of it on your blog... am I in a some kind of fetshist dream?

The Divine Miss M said...

You're making it up. It is all in your head!

Naah check out the comments :P

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Please don’t get stuck in the Valley of Stress; go to the Mountaintop of Life.

Michelle Hix said...

I say think about it after the weekend! Why ruin the excitement of the new gear and how hot you will look in it from the ground to jailbait!

Amy said...

Have a great weekend! And don't stress too much about the job - I've been there and there is really nothing you can do, so stressing doesn't help.

The Blonde Blogshell said... still have a job Miss M! They would be fools to lose such brilliance! ;-)

Happy Easter! x Now go eat lots of makes everything better!! x

kyknoord said...

Ye gods! The Discussion. Meh. I hate it when that happens.

Elise said...

A "real" job?? Miss M you'd hate it! You love doing what you do and you should never change that. You love living on the edge, working with new people, not knowing...

And we love hearing about it! xx

The Divine Miss M said...

Thanks you guys - I made it through the weekend without thinking about work once! How brilliant is that? :)

Love you all!