Friday, 2 November 2007

The insanity


Producer: Miss M, can you please set up our shoot for Monday. We need a call sheet put together

Miss M: Sure. Can you just email me the details and I'll figure everything out for you

Producer: We don't know yet.

Two O'clock

Miss M: Any ideas yet on those details?

Producer: Not yet, I'll let you know ASAP

Three O'clock

Miss M: Know them yet?

Producer: Nope

Four O'clock

Miss M: I'm still waiting

Producer: I know.

Quarter to Five

Miss M: Seriously guys, I need to know soon! These take about 2 or 3 hours to set up!!

Producer: We're not finalised.

So would someone please tell me how I am supposed to put a shoot together when

1) We don't have a location

2) We don't have an overnight hotel for the celeb

3) We don't have crew

4) We don't know any times

I'm not a miracle worker people!

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