Monday, 5 November 2007

Does being relatively famous turn you into a moron?

This is a question that has been plaguing me over the past couple of weeks. These so called "celebrities" that we are working with seem to be even more absurd than my creative team. In fact I must say that the Creative's have seemed like rational human beings of late and I have even grown relatively fond of them (This probably will fade with time but at the moment they're my new favourite people).

My latest least favourite person has moved from taxi idiot to the gentleman who was supposed to be travelling to London today - I say supposed to because so far this hasn't happened.

Miss M changes his train ticket as he decides he can not get on the train he asked us to book

Miss M gets told that he missed the train we put him on

We find out that he didn't really miss it but just didn't want to get on it as now he is booked onto a 3pm train instead - even though if he had missed it he could have gotten on to the 2pm train!

Now this might all sound very trivial but we have a crew booked for filming with him this afternoon and we can not cancel a couple of hours before hand as they still charge us. He is costing us two filming days and in a situation where time really does equal money and where we need to get it filmed TODAY as tomorrow is already booked up he is now our least favourite person in the office.

I hate working with celebrities. Give me children and animals any day.


TBHanks said...

Just tell him his ma se. He won't know what it means but you'll feel so much better.

The Divine Miss M said...

Thankfully I don't get the joy of talking to him, we go through the agents. Occaisonally I do get to and then I am just the persona of lovely sweetness and light :)

My poor housemates get the brunt of my unpleasantness though when I get home usually :(

sugar007 said...

Don't lie, you love working with celebs :-)

Lopz said...

Nah, she just loves bitching about them!

MsMozi said...

Then child & animal celebrities must be the absolute worst!

The Divine Miss M said...

Anyone remember Peter Andre from the song Mysterious Girl fame? I just had a lift ride standing next to him and he is ORANGE! Quite literally ORANGE! That guy needs to lay off the fake tan for a bit ...

DelBoy said...

Yes, they are morons! Especially the B down to Z category celebs! ;-)