Friday, 16 November 2007

For Amusement Value

- During the Rugby World Cup

"Viewer's letters complaining there is too much sport, which is replacing regular programming and the soaps. 'What are you thinking of putting b----- RUGBY on TV on Sunday evening prime time television?"

Hmm ... What was blocked out? ;) It it was football no one would be complaining!

- Regarding a popular Soap

"Dear Sir/Madam. The scene in which two homosexual perverts were kissing we found offensive, in fact disgusting. Most decent people in this country of all denominations, not just Christians, view this behaviour between consenting males as something better left behind closed doors and not shown on prime time TV. Despite what the law now allows we have not yet reached the stage when they can stop us believing what is right or wrong and having the freedom to speak these views. All you have achieved with your ridiculous and nauseating story line is to make sure we will never watch (The show) again as a family. Do you really want to end up with an ever decreasing audience or can you perhaps find some intelligent writers who are not so arrogant that they think the decent majority should be treated with contempt?"

Oh my, are we really such a prudish society that this riles people up to much?

- On an advert

This is my favourite actually

"Viewer complained 'Why does the advert only ever show a white person committing benefit fraud? It is not only white people who commit fraud. This is a racist advertisement'."

Definitely NOT South Africa hey? I've never seen someone complain on this side before ... Have you?


Lopz said...

Pahahahahaha, I am cracking the biggest smile EVA at that last one. Oh my god, let us all please take a moment to call for equal discrimination of all colours, races and creeds... doos!

The Divine Miss M said...

*minute of silence*


sweetass RSA said...

omg that was forking hilarious, please frame that letter and send it back home!!! love it!

Mrs said...

How is your viewer going to get used to the gayness of society if they don't watch it on TV.
Bet if its something like Brothers and Sisters, somebody's still watching because face it, when a show is lekker, its lekker!

My initial reaction to the white/fraud ad would be well...white people usually have the money to "be fraudulent with" but that's not in SA, as you said. There's this one ad here with a white thief trying to break in on it...I wonder if there have been any protests.

I wish people would stop being so uptight, ferfucksakes.

Mr R Rabbit said...

While this particular complaint seems utterly pointless and frivolous, I do have some sympathy. It seems that just because I am a white, straight male in this country that others must insist I am homophobic, racist and sexist.

Its getting a little annoying.

kyknoord said...

The homophobic rant is just priceless. I love the " a family" bit. This seems to imply that s/he will record the show for later viewing.

The Divine Miss M said...

kyknoord - ah yes, that would be the English way of doing things, everything secretively in private and never discuss things infront of others ;)

sugar007 said...

ROFL @ 'two kissing Homosexual perverts', I can imagine this person going red in the face and spitting as he rants about the moral decline of society, while trying his hardest to supress his hard-on. ' a family', I am picturing a Flanders-esque family (Simpsons)here. Some people!!