Friday, 23 November 2007

Sugar, Sugar, Sugar, Sugar, Sugar!

We have a thing called "Friday Treats" in our office; it means that each Friday afternoon someone goes off and buys some sort of treat for the team to munch on - sometimes cake, sometimes chips/crisps or sweets.

Today the one Co-Ordinator came back with 2 packets of Haribo sweets which the four of us quickly scoffed down in record time.

15 minutes later a delivery of Haribo sweets arrived from some lovely company donating them to us (No idea why and I don't want to query in case they get taken away from us) and we've spent the past half an hour eating them. We have normal gummy sweets, sour sweets, strange animal shaped sweets and our person favourite - 30cm long worms that wiggle as you're eating them.

I feel ill.

We all have sugar highs and are giggling and bouncing around the office now.

We all feel ill.

But so good.


But good.

Bring on the weekend!

P.S: I'm starting to realise that Jason isn't the smartest tool in the shed - but I'm willing to overlook it because he is just so damn gorgeous!

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A. M said...

you remind me of my "down" times where all i eat is snikers kitkat kinder eggs and crunch plus all the loolypops and cookies...and they ask me how i gain weight in a record time :P but gym always do the job...
Seems your spending great times @ your office...good luck!