Friday, 23 November 2007

The Affects of Sweets on Colleagues

Silence in the office

Production Manager turns to us

Production Manager: I feel a bit weird

Silence ...

Production Manager: Just thought I'd share that

We all go back to work.

The giggles start again

Miss M: I'm never eating Haribo's again

Colleague 1: Ya right

Production Manager: Until Monday that is!

Maniacal laughter starts


lecturerlady said...

Well my arrival in JHB was heralded by red roses, chocolate, gummi bergen (bears) and beautiful earrings! The gummi bears... Haribo - the only kind that matter!

Mr R Rabbit said...

I just spent most of the weekend on a caffeine and sugar high. I'm never eating haribo again.

Lopz said...

Haribos - death to adults everywhere... but why is it kids can cane them like Posh canes diet pills?

On another note - drinks on Thursday, m'dear?

Elise said...

I spent a whole day eating haribo tanfastics... never again!

Sugar high has such a low. I can't believe they're meant for kids, a drug dealer should be selling them on the street!

The Divine Miss M said...

@elise + lopz - I am in total agreement, seriously those things should only be supplied to consenting adults and even then they should be rationed!

mmmmhhh tangfastics ... I need them!