Wednesday, 1 October 2008

The Price to Pay

Overheard in the bathrooms at my Studio show last night

2 minor Celebs standing by the mirrors touching up their makeup

Girl 1: Oh wow, you look so gorgeous and thin! You are so thin!

Girl 2: Thanks, but I am sooooo hungry!

So go eat something. Please dear god. Eat.

I'm just recovering from last night. Will let you know all the details later!

Keep posted.


po said...

Sigh. What idiots. But I guess this is what the world expects from celebrities so it is not all their fault?

The Divine Miss M said...

Ja I suppose, but seriously - if you're hungry eat. Simple as.

the blonde blogshell said...

WTF? Oh my God...people like that ( I come across ALOT of them too) make me want to tie them to trees and force feeding them Twinkies!!

KaB said...

I love food far too shows but you know least I don't stand around wondering what something tastes like!

And shame on celebs for bowing down to the a fucking brave soul & be whatever tickles your fancy!


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I cannot understand anyone who has the money to purchase food being hungry under any circumstances!

Miss T said...

LOL...yes but everytime they do an interview its like..."oh no i just eat what i want I never diet or exercise...geez I just like eat chocolate all day long!"

The Divine Miss M said...

@blondie - so glad you're not like that! :P

@kab - You are gorgeous, don't be silly chick!

@nick - You raise a really good point actually. With 3rd world situations and starvation across the world it bothers me that people who can afford to buy an island and enough food for a small country chose to starve themselves for beauty.

@miss t - celebs talk such crap don't they??