Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Cold Front blowing

So I have started on another new show and this one looks like it could be quite a bit of fun. It is a really large team which I'm not used too but they are all very friendly and welcoming.

For once we actually seem to have an equal split between boys and girls however the top people are all woman. It's hysterical. I love it. The bosses are ALL female. I'm expecting some wonderful temper tantrums but at the moment everyone is all lovely dovey.

I have noticed something very strange though.

Amongst the Researchers and AP's all of the boys are in relationships.

Not only that but they are mostly early 20's but are all dating girls who are 6-10 years older than them.

A 23 year old is dating a 30 year old, a 25 year old has a child with and is dating a 34 year old and the 20 year old is dating a 26 year old. Are we really lacking in men so much at the moment that we're turning to the younger generation? Or are these boys really mature?

Even more stranger is that all of the girls are single and complaining about the lack of guys.

Is there some sort of cold front with the male population at the moment?

Should I be dating a 20 year old to actually get some?

It just seems so wrong.


Miss T said...

the answers are
2. yes
3. yes
4. Why not :)

The Divine Miss M said...

hahahhahah so true isn't it!!!!

Mike said...

didn't you want to date jailbait?

The Divine Miss M said...

True Mike, but I honestly forget his age sometimes.

But that is only like a 4 year difference, we're talking almost 10 years on some of these!!!

Kitty Cat said...

That is weird, I thought men liked younger women...well, I guess these ones are just babies themselves. Go for an older man, that way he can court you properly!

The Divine Miss M said...

No I do want an older man for probably all of those reasons but I just found it so strange that these boys are all sitting with older woman.

Really frikken weird.

Sweets said...

oh no me likes the younger boys too :)~

KaB said...

I don't know hey...I think I like to keep it traditional in the sense that he is older & I'm younger. Show me one younger guy who can hold a decent conversation & I may just possibly, I can't! I'd rather keep it him older, me younger!

What about the theory that women are in their sexual prime during their 30s while men during their sounds like they may all be onto something?!?

The Divine Miss M said...

@sweets - There is something about them ...

@kab - You are very traditional aren't you ;) My dad is 3 years younger than my mom so you never know ...

I have met plenty of younger guys who can hold a conversation very well and plenty of older guys who are total dunces so that theory is out the window.

Mmmmhhhh sexual prime, something to look forward to about getting older!

kyknoord said...

Seems pretty normal to me. I've always dated older women. They have more money.