Thursday, 9 October 2008

It's my holiday and I'll cry if I want too

I got very annoyed at work today, I was seething with anger and just wanted to go and scream at someone and then burst into tears.

My Line Manager recently decided that she wanted me to take this week off work between my 2 shows but I refused. I didn't have any holiday planned and I wanted to save it for Cape Town at the end of the year which I thought was justified since I'm going for 3 weeks.

They were pissed at me but eventually dropped it.

Until today.

I have requested 2 days off at the end of October to have a long weekend away climbing and they are withholding it from me. Apparently this is punishment for refusing to take this week off.

It is the only explanation I can think of since we aren't filming over that period and me not being in the office wouldn't affect anything so this refusal must just be them being petty.

Selfish wankers.

I am fighting this.


boldly benny said...

Hellooo, try talking to them. I had a similar problem earlier this year - my boss didn't want to sign my leave because although it was post-deadline according to our production schedule she wanted to keep me in the office in case she ran over her deadline.
We chatted about it and eventually came to a compromise.
Sorry to hear it - what a pain with everything else you have to deal with!

shivz said...

So they haven't given you a reason... surely you are allowed a reasonable explanation? That's ridiculous. argggg... shame lady... good news... ct is not far :) fun and games and happiness and CT :) (and by not far i mean in terms of the time to you coming down and me being there at the same time!!)

In terms of the wanting to go home and cry... I just had that feeling all day... my stupid pride really... but arg... today will be a better day.... although I'm expecting it to be mostly uneventful!

Kitty Cat said...

I agree with Shivz, surely you're allowed an explanation? You must fight them on this!!!

Miss T said...

You are having the worst luck ever with your company! Glory I really hope it works out for you lassie :(

kyknoord said...

Bummer. Are you sure we don't work for the same company?

The Divine Miss M said...

All of your ideas are so good and i was going to go and try and talk to the bosses etc BUT NOW THE STUPID FUCKIGN DAMN CLIMBING HOLIDAY HAS BEEN CANCELLED



@kyk - I dunno, are you the fat bald creepy dude who keeps staring at me??

po said...

That really doesn't sound right? Are they just being petty?

Where were you going climbing? IT seems like all the blogosphere is a climber!

The Divine Miss M said...

We were going to go to Fontainbleau in France which is "the birth place of bouldering"

Would have been so amazing.

But people are annoying. I hate them.

Mike said...

Isn't the actual meaning for "wanker" or "wank" or "wanking " by very definition selfish?

po said...

Fontainebleau!! The mecca of bouldering. I have a picture on my blog. The one with the "beautiful curves".

I really hope you get to go some day. And me too. My bf went without me because I am injured.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Yep: Selfish wankers!