Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Wrong signals

Mixed signals in all aspects of life are just tiring and confusing.

Boys sending you the wrong signal just leads to embarrassing and frustrating situations.

Bosses telling you one thing and then changing around completely without informing you but expecting you to know is equally frustrating and embarrassing.

I worked with my current Manager on my previous show and we had a system with costs and money that I spent. I cleared everything with her and that was the way she liked to do it.

Now we're on this new show together and I was just continuing doing the same thing. I get this email

Miss M - if you can reference to the budget/cost monitor to see what we have budgeted in so I don't have to approve all hotel/travel for the team

Ok, fair enough but don't make me feel as if I'm putting you out for something that I was just used to doing.

Makes me feel a bit like a moron.

Oh well.

The clocks went back in the UK over the weekend. It is now dark at 1700 and thoroughly depressing. When we reach this time of the year I always feel the desperate need to move back to South Africa, I get horribly homesick and just want to return.

I often wonder how many Saffas return to SA vs how many settle and make a life for themselves in the UK.

It's a strange place here. I miss the sunshine.

Sorry this is a really disjointed post but kind of how I am feeling at the moment.


po said...

I am feeling your pain, the changing of the clocks always completely throws me. I cant get used to the early darkness. It snowed today, which made me happy. But I am homesick for SA too right now.

The Divine Miss M said...

The snow is weird.

Very homesick :(

Shall we have a home sick SA day together?

po said...

sounds good to me. Can we eat rusks? I love rusks.

The Divine Miss M said...

Mmmmhhhh rusks with hot sweet tea.

Rooibos even.

God yes.

Where do you live again????

kyknoord said...

...people who indicate that they're turning and then they don't...

MidniteGem said...

mmmm...me drinking rooibos right now !! is yummy ! (i have a box of it stashed in ,y drawer at work. I cant stand this english tea!

The Divine Miss M said...

@kyk - That is a pet hate of mine.

@gem - I don't really drink much tea but ja, rooibos is nice.

Miss Tig said...

SA misses you too...
Do you think your company will give you a Home sick day as a real sickie or will you need a DRs note?? :-)

Miss P said...

If we all had a homesick day together it would result in mass suicide (death by rusk).

I vote for starting the season early. Bring on the mulled wine!

The Divine Miss M said...

Mmmmhhhh mulled wine!

Bring it on bitch! :P

MidniteGem said...

hmmm....mulled wine ...that does sound good !

po said...

oooh mulled wine! I live in Leamington Spa, near Birmingham!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

*BIG HUGS MISS M* but just think...only a few weeks until you ARE home sipping on Cosmopolitans and enjoying the coastal scenery WITH REAL SUNSHINE!! YAY!!

Argh...bosses will be bosses!

Chin up angel pie...I miss you friend x

Tazeen said...

i saw pictures of snow in October, that was weird