Friday, 11 July 2008

140 metres up with a rope

Well I made it back alive.

Just barely. I was so tired that I had to take yesterday off too and spent the day collapsed on the couch staring at the TV in a completely dreamlike state. I think I managed to drank my sorry arse into the shower at about 5pm so that the housemates were not subjected to a dirty and smelly Miss M.

10 days of camping and climbing did not make me appealing on either the eyes or the nose.

The climbing was amazing. I achieved so much personally (and even managed to get a bit of a tan!) that it was definitely worth the money and the adventure.

I did a 140 metre multi pitch climb with Jailbait. Yes folks Miss M actually managed to climb that high along with stopping at different belay points whilst Jailbait climbed the next pitch and set up the belay for me.

However at about 135 metres it all got a bit too much for poor lil ol me and my irrational fear of heights kicked in.

Miss M: I CAN'T DO THIS!!!

Jailbait: It's ok, we're just going to hold you here for about 5 minutes whilst we sort out the anchor and then I'll haul you up ok?

Miss M: Panicked breathing and on the verge of tears Talk to me Jailbait.

Jailbait: About what?

Miss M: Screaming ANYTHING!!!

Moment of silence whilst Jailbait considers what to talk about.

Jailbait: The view is beautiful isn't it?

Ok. So you're partner is having a panic attack about the height. Do you REALLY point out to her about how beautiful the view is from that point?

Wait it gets better.

Miss M: Sobbing Something else!!!! Anything else!!!!!

Jailbait: Hey Miss M, have you noticed that we're so high up that the birds are actually flying below us?

Well I kind of lost it at that moment.

I eventually got hauled up to the top and stood for a couple of minutes clutching the rock sobbing. Eventually I gained up the courage to look over the edge - and yes folks, the view was beautiful.

Then it was time to abseil down. Strangely enough I was ok with that.

The rest of the climbing was quite sedate in comparison but equally challenging each in their own way. I don't think I have ever had so much exercise on holiday ever before.

I'm not impressed with being back at work. I am fighting all attempts by my colleagues to actually get me to do any work. My body might be at this desk but my mind is still back in the sparking blue waters of Sardinia whilst I leisurely snorkel around the colourful fish.


I hate coming home.


The Blonde Blogshell said...

I was petrified reading your post!! Oh. My. God!! I am so petrified of heights and I am SERIOUSLY impressed!!

Glad you had a wicked time and I'm glad you're back

The Divine Miss M said...

@blondie - Thanks hon :) It was terrifying! But exhilerating at the same time!

I'm kind of glad to be back .... :P

Meghan said...

I'm so impressed with your ability to handle the heights. I bet the view really was amazing.

Work, bah.

The Divine Miss M said...

@meghan - Yes I handled them so well by turning into a blubbering mess.

Jailbait was NOT impressed.


kyknoord said...

I prefer to get high the traditional way. BTW, welcome back. We missed you.

The Divine Miss M said...

@kyk - Yes, it does seem much more practical doens't it?

Awww fanks, I've missed you too ;)

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I can sure understand you not wanting to be back at work after your holiday adventure. I can also identify with your panic at climbing. I had the same feeling some 40+ years ago the first time I climbed and repelled back down. Of course, the panic disappeared although the adrenaline rush that went with it continued each time I climbed after that.

sweets said...

140 metres... now try doing a 150 bungee jump... :)

argh anything beats being at work!!!

The Divine Miss M said...

@nick - The adrenalin rush is the half of the reason I do it! I love it :)

@sweets - I've done a 65 metre one and Jailbait and I along with Miss P are apparently going to do the 216 metre one in Bloukrans!!!

Being Brazen said... are way braver than me. Well done!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Yeah, the adrenaline rush is good. But you must be careful.

One of the first times I went repelling another college student named Susan went with us. Somehow on her way down she flipped upside down and landed on her head. Thankfully she was a blonde, so no serious damage was done. (That is a true story, not a blonde joke).

The Divine Miss M said...

@brazen - Freaking out is not brave ;)

@nick - Woah ... ja when we abseil down we use something called a Trussock knot which means that if you're knocked out or something it stops the rope from going any further. We're all very safe.

Some moron at our local climbing centre didn't tie a figure of eight knot in his rope recently - tied a slipnot instead - and it came undone whilst he was climbing! Fell like 7 metres!

What an idiot.

Safety first.

Miss P said...

Oh my god, I am sorry, but that made me laugh out loud. I can just see the image perfectly! Poor thing. Well done though!
Shit, I didnt realise the Bloukraans is that high! Ummmm, can we reconsider?
Welcome back hun.

The Divine Miss M said...


If Jailbait is going to force me to I'm going to force you too.