Thursday, 17 July 2008

Only out for the day

I really pushed the dress code - or lack there of - yesterday at work. I don't know if it was because I was bored or something but I decided to see what I could wear (or how little I could wear) without having someone tell me that it was inappropriate for work.

I brought my boobs out for the day. And let me tell you they were quite literally nearly out.

No one said a thing.

I kept expecting the truly scary Production Executive grab me and haul me into her office whilst screaming at me how bringing my breasts out for an office visit is not allowed in our work place.

But she didn't.

I did however learn the difference between how straight men and gay men react to boobs.

Straight Man and his encounter with boobs

Oh my gosh there are boobs there, what do I do? What do I say? Where do I look?

Straight Man: I was .. umm ... looks me in the eye quickly ... where the details for ... umm ... stares back down at my cleavage those bills ... that we ... umm ... looks back in my eyes quickly before returning to my boobs ... umm ... what were we talking about??

Gay Man and his encounter with boobs

Gay Man: Unabashedly stares at my boobs Oh my god honey! Those are amazing! Seriously! Wow!

Miss M: Aw thanks, I thought I'd bring them out for a visit

Gay Man: You should more often!

Gay men entertain me.

Next time I might heighten my skirt length and lower the cleavage even more and see if they notice THAT!

P.s - I do have rather big boobs so am not just blowing my own horn here!


kyknoord said...

So whose horn are you blowing? Lucky guy.

The Divine Miss M said...

Wouldn't you like to know hey kyk? ;)

Tricia said...

I love it! I also possess a set worthy of admiration and envy! I don't dare bring mine out for the day at work because I work for a tech company full of painfully straight guys and only one gay guy.

I did bring them out Saturday at a picnic with friends and one of my guy friends who is straight but a perv stared openly and nearly salivated. My husband didn't even notice! *sigh* (he noticed the boobs but not the attention from G)

Lopz said...

I can attest to the size of Miss M's boobs, she is indeed not just blowing her horn - is that not supposed to be a trumpet? Tomayto, tomahto - as long as it's being blown hey.

Mike said...

I don't think I believe you.

I think you should post a picture of them.

Er, in the outfit you were wearing, you know ;)

The Divine Miss M said...

@tricia - nice one! I hate pervy boys ... they freak me out :(

@lopz - speaking of blowing ... :P Hey your boobs aren't exactly small either madam!

@mike - I'll take a photo of the clothes and post them up. Can lay them out on the bed as it I was actually wearing them.

Or was it the boobs you really wanted to see? ;)

KaB said...

God I've missed reading your blog!

And you're crazy!

Shivz said...

Strange this being your latest blog... so last night I went to a GREAT gig to watch a friend play with a well known musician (well in SA terms at least), and then a couple of other bands... AWESOME to say the least... almost contemplated trekking to Boksburg to watch them again it was so awesome.

Anyway, back on track, since I've started working a LARGE portion of my wardrobe became relegated to weekend wear... because of the low cut nature of them and the endowment of me! So last night I decided to take my ladies out for a ride too! Sadly was chilling with two guys who are both involved, but it was fun for me! Strangely very little reaction... but I think I'm happy about that since reactions would have been by complete strangers and I'm not that comfortable with that in the absence of good bodyguards! Have a fabulous FRIDAY :)

Being Brazen said...

Good for you, let those puppies get some breathing air once ina while.. heehee...I love how bold gay men are about womans looks, assets etc etc..its amusing and usually brutally honest (and why not, they are not trying to get in our pants)

Darkchocolate said...

You know this blog should really have a pic attached :)

i feel seriously uncomfortable everytime my girls are on display. i cant stop fidgeting. So i never bring them out to play at work or anywhere fact I think I would love to lop them off and have boy titties instead :)
visit my blog to read about the girls encounter with the mammogram. it was deepley unpleasant. so unpleasant I had to blog about it.

I admire you Miss you have chutzpa

The Divine Miss M said...

@kab - AM NOT!!!

@shivs - Glad to hear you took them on an outing. Those breasts should not be locked up ;)

@being brazen - Gay men kick arse :)

@darkchocolate - I just did ... I'm terrified. NEVER. WANT. TO. HAVE. ONE. OF. THOSE.


My mom had breast cancer though so I suppose I have too :(

Mike said...

Ms. M.

I do believe your boobs in the clothes will NOT reveal your identity.

If that makes you feel better about it.

Also, boobs are natures best invention. Well, second best.

Just sayin.

Miss P said...

I have a picture of them if you want... its a good one ;-) I have to take pics of other peoples boobs. i dont have any of my own :-D

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Take photos of your boobs. Other boobs don't count.

The Divine Miss M said...

@mike - but people at work have seen my boobs now, they might recognise them :P

p.s - Natures SECOND best invention ... what's the first?

@miss p - I have better ones now ;)

@nick - I do take photos of my boobs! wahahhaa

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Wahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Brilliant Miss M -just brilliant!!! :-)

Every girl should have a gay friend -they're literally...fabulous!! :-)

Tricia said...

don't worry miss m - mammograms only hurt itty bitties! :) They have to really try to get them in there and it pinches badly my tiny friends say.

I am a D to DD cup and I've had 2 mammograms - it wasn't pleasant (being naked and man handled into an x-ray machine) but it didn't hurt at all.