Sunday, 27 July 2008

Rejection sucks

Before anyone asks this week.

He turned me down.

Oh well, at least I put myself out there and actually asked someone out!

So we'll speak no more of the cute climbing boy - well until we find another one of course!


leez said...

No!!! He must be crazy. All that fresh air has gone to his brain.

Shivz said...

I agree with leez firstly. Secondly... you're far braver than me... spent 10 hours with crush... most of which watching dvd's at his place and exchanging back, neck and face massages... then around midnight he says... well I'm going to bed... to which I reply... was thinking of going anyway... HUH! GRRRR... now I'm thinking he's possibly going down the friendship path... :( I was really excited... this is the first person I've allowed myself to like since like 2005... argh

kyknoord said...

Speak no more of who?

The Divine Miss M said...

@leez - or he's been hit on the head one too many time with rocks. Or will be. One of the two.

@shivs - AAWWWW come on honey! Just do it :(

@kyk - cheers ma dear

KaB said...

Oh no...twat!


The Blonde Blogshell said...

Noooooo...SORRY MISS M!
His loss...COMPLETELY!

Moe Wanchuk said...

trust are Awesome! Any chick that asks a dude fkn Awesome!
Don't let it get you down. Keep going. You'll find the right stud!

Miss T said...

He takes a hell of a lot to ask a guy out so bonus points to you for that! So he said no...his loss completely

The Chronicles of a Fashionista in PDX said...



The Divine Miss M said...

@kAb - that is the attitute I'm trying!

@Blondie - I KNOW!!!

@moe - I'm going to try ask out the next guy I meet that I think is attractive too!

miss t - it is, but I have to see hi at climbing :(


Being Brazen said...

He clearly has lost his mind.

Maybe he will come to his senses - if not, im sure you wont be thinking of him for long :)