Tuesday, 15 July 2008

And you are ??

I ran into an old work colleague today from when I first started out in TV. I was a runner at the Post Production Company she was working at.

To be completely honest with you I don't recognise her from a bar of soap but she seems to remember me so I'll just continue to pretend I remember her.

She said something that perturbed me slightly though.

Ex Colleague: When was it that you left (Post Production Company) ?

Miss M: Sometime in 2005 I think

Ex Colleague: There was a big scandal around you leaving wasn't there? I can't remember the specifics but there definitely was.

Miss M: Confused expression Scandal? I don't remember there being one? I just left for greener pastures.

Ex Colleague: Equally confused Really? I could swear that people talked about you leaving for ages afterwards. There must have been some sort of scandal!

So apparently like being unable to remember her I am also unable to remember the circumstances that had me leaving that particular company.

I am actually rather worried.

Is she confusing me with someone else or have I actually blocked out the memory of leaving the company.

I remember leaving.

I remember walking out of the door and saying goodbye.

But I can't remember why.

I really actually can't.

Was there some big scandal? Did I get fired? What happened?!

I kind of hope I did. That would be sort of cool.

Perhaps I tried to rob them? Or maybe I was busted selling company secrets to a rival Post Production House.

Or maybe, JUST MAYBE, she is getting me confused with someone else. Which would explain why I can't remember her.


kyknoord said...

Maybe the scandal was that someone tried to impersonate you in that company after you left?

sweets said...

hehe... maybe you were fired because you kept on stealing paperclips... or you had a steaming affair with the boss!!... who cares anyway? i know, we all do!!

The Divine Miss M said...

@kyk - Why on earth would someone try to be me? That would just be strangely sad ...

@sweets - Dude I care! I want to know!!!

Darkcholate said...

hehe... that was quite funny

love your blog

The Divine Miss M said...

Thanks Dark Chocolate :) Welcome!

Lopz said...

I like Kyk's story. Either that or you actually left in protest at the treatment of runners in your industry, and tried to take all the other runners with you when you walked out. That would explain the scandal.

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Ooooh...scandal! Always fun when you're not directly involved!

Maybe you were the one who stole all the office stationary. And you're known as "that girl" with tsk tsk's and: No wonder we could never find staplers and pens!

Maybe you were the one who left with toilet paper stuck to your foot as you left?


Mike said...

Were you sleeping with somebody?

Or, somebodies??

Possibly at the same time?

In the meeting room?

The meeting room with glass walls?

that was YOU?!@?!?!?

Miss P said...

Wasnt that the one you left that there was some issue with an unpaid congestion charge and they were trying to lump you with the payment and wouldn't pay you your salary? I remember you fighting with a boss/supervisor about it for a while...

The Divine Miss M said...

@blondie - miss you too!

@mike - HAHAHHAHAH no that wasn't me ... unfortunately ... will try that NEXT time I'm leaving a company ;)

@miss p - naah that was another company strangely enough ... the one after this one they're talking about! Yes I like to leave with controversy apparently!