Monday, 14 July 2008

She's back in body but not in mind

I'm finding it really hard to concentrate again after not working for 11 days.

It's like my brain would rather think about ANYTHING else other than work. Sometimes it is rather embarrassing.

Bossman: So today Miss M I need you to do something very important

Miss M: Sure thing, what's that?

Bossman: Well I need you too blah blah blah blah important blah blah blah paperwork blah blah people getting paid blah blah blah

Miss M: Dreaming about perfect beaches Uh huh

Bossman: Blah blah blah VERY IMPORTANT

Miss M: Back on my favourite climb Okay

Bossman: Is that fine to do Miss M?

Miss M: He was talking to me? Sorry I missed that last part!

Bossman: That's fine, I need you to blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

Miss M: Lazing in the sunshine Sure thing

It's getting bad.

I know it's important but for the life of me I can't remember what it is. I'm hoping that either it'll reappear in my holiday fuddled brain or it'll just disappear and not need to be done.

I suppose I could ask him again but seriously people, what are the chances I'll listen on the third try?


kyknoord said...

At least you have a good excuse. My colleagues are like that all the time.

Miss Tig said...

Um,my entire office is like that,even on phone calls,so we insist everything is confirmed via e mail..just a thought..use it..dont use it :-)

Springleap said...

hysterical! I know the feeling. now having started my own business... when the boss talks, I dont have to listen;)

Love to ask you a few questions, do you have an email that I contact you on?

Look forward,

The Divine Miss M said...

@kyk - Perhaps they're actually zombies?

@miss tig - I usually do everything via email but this time it's gone too far! I'm sure he'll remind me sometime soon!

@springleap - I wish I was my own boss!

yes, you can contact me on

If you so wish .. question? *gets worried*

leez said...

tell him you're having a few problems with his request. he will respond what problems. you say "with the ummm...." wait for him to fill in blanks.

The Chronicles of a Fashionista in PDX said...

I get that way a lot after a vacation as well... mmmmmm... vacation...