Thursday, 13 May 2010

Will his Mama let him out tonight?

At what age does it stop being wrong to have a crush on a younger boy? I ask this because of late I have found myself attracted to these creatures.

Not that 27 is old at all. Proven by the below scenario.

Miss M walks in to a local pool bar

Bouncer: ID please

Miss M: Huge smile plastered across her face Really???

Miss M happily hands over her ID

Bouncer: Oh, my compliments to you!

Dear Reader I am not fooled in to believing that he thought I was under the age of 18 but perhaps 23??

However I think it is definitely improper to have a crush on a boy who, when you matriculated from high school, was only 8 years old.

When I lost my virginity he hadn't even reached double digits.

When he matriculated I was already hitting the down hill slide to 30.

When we hear of a couple who are 55 and 66 respectively we don't think anything of it. 42 and 33, not a problem. 90 and 81, so close in age.

But 25 and 16? Illegal.

27 and 18? Seriously improper.

And reverse it so that the older party member is the girl and everyone is so shocked. Cougar and cradle snatcher being some of the choice words.

Thankfully this boy does not live in Cape Town so I am saved from the embarrassment of actually doing something about this improper crush but would it really be all that bad?

Wouldn't we all like to relive our teenage years without actually having to be 18 again?

Ps - the 18 year old actually wanted me too.