Monday, 10 May 2010

Losing your marbles

Over a 6 week period we were filming all around Cape Town and some neighboring areas. Base camp was moved from location to location and everyone worked out of their respective trailers.

Asshole and Mini-Me shared a trailer and their poor personal servant lived in there with them too. S.A.S's job was to make sure that all of Asshole's needs were fulfilled regardless of what they might be.

He needs coffee. Check.

His laundry needs collecting. Check.

He needs help going to the toilet. Check.

The list goes on.

One day Asshole decided that his trailer was not 100% straight. He was determined that it was at a slight angle and therefore all of his brilliance would be lost and that the movie would fail.


Asshole: S.A.S please find me a marble so I can prove to the Transport team that the trailer is wonky.

S.A.S: I'll have it for you in the morning.

Asshole: No I need it now.

S.A.S: Right now?

Asshole: Yes. And if you don't find it now forget about working with us on another movie

Poor S.A.S runs to every single department on set desperately trying to find a marble. Poor girl just gets laughed out of most trailers until she reaches the stunt boys where amazingly enough one of them has a marble. We're not asking why people.

S.A.S: Here you go Asshole

Asshole: What's that?

S.A.S: The ... marble ... ?

Asshole: Oh I'd forgotten about that.



kyknoord said...

I reckon the marble was just a pretext. Asshole probably wanted some "alone time" to do shameful things to Mini-Me.

The Divine Miss M said...

If only you knew how much that just made me laugh!

po said...

Haha I love your crazy stories about showbiz.

Shivz said...

So now you know - next time you need to keep a back up marble in your pocket - preferably one with a flat bottom and place it down, such that even if the trailer is at a 45 degree angle... it's not rolling ;)

The Divine Miss M said...

@po - Thanks hon, how you?

@shivs - If I learned anything from the movie it was to always keep a marble on me :P

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