Wednesday, 6 February 2008

The Magic Eight Ball

Nothing important gets done in the office without consulting The Magic Eight Ball. It is a time honoured tradition and the only way we make decisions on pressing matters.

The Magic Eight Ball is all knowing.

Everyone from the lowly runners to the Executive Producers come over and ask The Magic Eight Ball questions so they know what decision to make and I swear that it has affected many an outcome on our shows.

Today though The Magic Eight Ball appears to not want to help us. It is answering very vaguely or it is basically refusing to give us an answer at all - instead saying the following


What a cheeky bastard. I quite wanted to know if the boy that I have a rather large crush on at the moment will ever get it together with me and my boss most certainly needed to know if she was going to have lost lots of weight at her weigh in tomorrow!

Isn't it lucky that we don't need to know any of the REALLY important stuff today?

So these are some of the following questions I have heard asked of The Magic Eight Ball over the past few months.

Should I go with company x for our filming equipment?

Will tonights show go smoothly?

Is the budget going to be large enough for (some stupidly expensive procedure that they wanted)

Am I going to get laid at the wrap party?

Will I be leaving work on time this evening?

Do I look fat in this outfit?

You know - all the important things in life!

P.S: Do you think one can trust a Magic Eight Ball to make decisions for you? Or are we all living in la la land?


MsMozi said...

Don't put too much pressure on the Magic Eight Ball - it's clear it's going through some issues about its predictions skills at the moment and needs some time to work through these before it negatively impacts on your future.

I feel the same way about Magic Eight Balls as I do about horoscopes - I only believe in them when they tell me good stuff!

The Divine Miss M said...

Mozi - you are SO right! When ever it tells me something negative I completely ignore it, but positively and I am all there with it :)

By the way I'm working on my list of 50 things ... I am only on 3 at the moment though :( hahahahaaaa

sweets said...

it is decidedly so... isn't that one of the answers of the magic eight ball?! i would so love to have a magic eight ball... would make my life so much easier!

MidniteGem said...

I love it - I think i need to get me one of those! if not just to make the lovely bf's life easy since i'm so bad at decisions!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Magic 8 Balls are awesome! I need one...want one!!

On second thoughts...I'd like Snow White's "Mirror Mirror on the Wall" so that it can tell me how fabulously gorgeous and successful I am, EVERY MORNING! Need to get me one of those! ;-)

Elise said...

You know I used an 8 ball when I revised for my exams in school. The ball lied to me! I failed miserably and had to retake xx

taxitalk said...

la la lall alalalalla a land
you gota get down on your hand an knees and pray thats the only way to know the whats right lalallalalalalalallala
man where am I Oh yeah la la land

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

If a magic 8 ball worked and was truly honest I would have been consulting one every day of my life.

Thanks for giving me a few smiles.

The Divine Miss M said...

@Nick - You are so right, but I guess that we have to put some faith in something at some point don't we? ;) It's a pleasure and I hope you continue reading!

@Elise - Your magic eight ball didn't love you!

@blonde - I want one of those mirrors too!

@taxitalk - uh huh?

@sweets - it is decidedly so, you shall have one ;)