Wednesday, 13 February 2008

The Amazing Executive PA Miss M

I decided that I should come back to work today - as wonderful as my extended weekend was I don't want people starting to realise that I'm not really doing any work.

However when I got in this morning I got pulled aside by one of the PA's to the Directors and asked if I could help out as her counterpart to the Director of Factual and Entertainment was off sick.


So I have a new seat and vantage point to the office, (I had to leave Steve and Frank behind since I didn't think it was fitting to my executive persona) and am doing mundane tasks like typing up memo's and compiling ratings for this week's television. It is very bizarre though - I can see my colleagues at the other end and I keep waving at them longingly - as all the bigwigs keep coming over and scaring the crap out of me.

Miss M: Singing along to the radio We all just want to be big rockstars! Does a little chair dance (You know what I'm talking about people)

Head of Production: Stares at her and smiles

Miss M: Oh crap she so saw that! Hi, don't mind me but I'm just relishing in having a radio near me

Now they think I'm really weird. How about this one?

Miss M: Stares into space (but unfortunately it is in the general direction of where the Head of New Programming is making a cup of tea)

Head of NP: Sees Miss M watching him Oh I'm sorry, did you want some tea?

Miss M: No, no! I was just staring into space!

Oh great. Now he either thinks I'm a slacker or that I'm a demanding PA who thinks he should be making me tea. Neither is good.

I think I liked it better when none of the bigwigs knew me ...

However if I'm back doing this again tomorrow I might come dressed for the part. Always nice to have an excuse to wear pencil skirt, shirt and high heels.


The Blonde Blogshell said...

Awesome!! LOVE IT when bigwigs catch you at weird times. I did an entire rendition of Beauty and the Beast with my arms flowing out, spinning around the room when I suddenly saw my boss standing nearby watching the entire thing. You just can't recover from something like that! haha!!

The Divine Miss M said...

Oh I love it!

Ye, they just never take you seriously after that do they?

The Blonde Blogshell said...

PS> Tag! You're it!! Check out le blog! x

MidniteGem said...

LOL - My boss thinks that I'm dark, gothic, hard, weird and strange all rolled into one. And now he called me Gemoogle...cause he can give me keywords and i'll come back at him with a whole load of random information!

I just cant hide my strangeness anymore !!! AHHHHHH

sweets said...

i don't like bigwigs, they scare me too, i "walk" around on my backside cause both my feet are stuck in my big mouth ;)

KaB said...

The chair dance...oh the amount of times I've been spied on!

And what's wrong with a bigwig making a 'PA' a cup of tea?!? Just because they have their own office with their name on the door doesn't give them free passage to not making tea for another?!? That really grates my tits about bigwigs!

As for the pencil skirt & high heels...I'm wearing it now...favourite outfit! Hurrah :)

Ruby said...

i love bigwigs.....just smile sweetly boss already think i'm nuts, so do most of my clients...luckily they love me for it...he he

The Divine Miss M said...

@Gem - You were hiding your strangeness?

@sweets - Foot in Mouth syndrome. I be the Queen of that ;)

@Kab - You are one sexy girl ... or one strange guy (either way I like your style!)

@Ruby - Being insane is endearing ... or so I keep telling myself!

KaB said...

I'm a girl...thank fuck!