Monday, 3 December 2007

The Watershed

On terrestrial television in England they have something called "The Watershed". This is put in place to ensure that nothing inappropriate is shown during the hours that children would be watching television. So you won't encounter any swearing, sex, overt violence or nudity before 9pm on any of the main terrestrial channels. Cable and digital are of course a completely different story ...

However sometimes people do tend to go a little overboard with what they perceive to be incorrect before The Watershed. I've read complaints of the words "bollocks", "bloody", two men waking up in bed with each other and a complaint about a perfume ad which the viewer decided was too suggestive. When are people going over the top? If the Watershed rules out everything that different people perceive to be "incorrect" or "indecent" what will we be left with to watch before 9pm? For the things that some people complain about I am surprised that they allow the News to be shown before 9pm. There is extensive violence, bloodshed and subject matter that children should see shown on that every single day.

My answer to people? Just don't watch it. If it insults you or you don't like it, please don't watch it.

My personal favourite at the moment of people deeming something inappropriate ...

"Hi , Ive never felt the need to make a complaint before about anything but the latest Sudafed
advertisement is in my opinion is in very poor taste to say the least . I have no idea why the makers of this advert felt the need to use the word " Snot " in their commercial , especially as everytime its shown my family and myself are usually eating. I find it utterly disgusting and im sure I am not on my own when I say this."

- I know, just don't watch it whilst you're eating!

What's wrong with the word "Snot" anyways?


DelBoy said...

I love the word snot. It's so descriptive it makes me cringe when I hear it!

And when you have kids, there's soooo much of it too! ;-)

sweetass RSA said...

i agree, i love the word snot...snot snot...!!

Ruby said...

i love it too...sooo utterly disgusting and discriptive

Lopz said...

K, I'm not with you guys on this one, I think snot is a disgusting word. But it's also a very appropriate word to use in a nasal medicine ad, is it (s)not? *grins*

And anyway, why is this family watching tv while they eat? What happened to wholesome family dinners where people actually talked to each other? Or am I expecting too much here? ;-)

The Divine Miss M said...

@lopz - that is what I was wondering too. When I was a kid we only got to watch tv during dinner on really special occaisons, otherwise we had to miss the show! Stupid family should actually not watch tv for 10 minutes and eat!

I love the word snot.

TBHanks said...

People will always find something to complain about so they can feel better about their lives. Doesn't matter if all the snots and other such sounding words are removed - they will find something else!
Screw them.

Elise said...

Snot?! Please that word is not offensive! Some people love to complain... I think its what Brits do best ;)